Month: March 2016

Gears of The Mind


 Childhood Memories Do not cover up your childhood pain with the things that you say and do. This is what you do to try to feel better, but it does not work, which I am sure there are daily reminders that this is so.… Continue Reading “CHILDHOOD HURT AND PAIN”

Why Does It Hurt So Bad

Just Want to Be Normal When making a presentation about my childhood growing up with low self-esteem and being insecure a member of the audience asked: “what is normal anyway.” And as her voice trailed off, I could hear her say, “there is no… Continue Reading “Why Does It Hurt So Bad”

The Right Time and Place

The Message is Real Folks

What Label Do You Wear

This presentation is about labels and what they mean to us. And yes, we all have them. This is clear for most of us. Even so, you will hear it this time in a way you have not heard it before.

Looking—Natural Behavior—Sex—Natural Act

Here’s Looking at You  No one is immune to the urge to look, no one. Some may turn away when you do it, but they like for it to be done and quite thrilled to do it too. Looking is what we do. And… Continue Reading “Looking—Natural Behavior—Sex—Natural Act”

Who Are You? Yes You?

Not Equal Not Better

           Think About This Before You Go Are there equals beyond math? I am not at all sure there is one thing equal to another. Have you ever known equals; ask yourself that and let us know your answer. At the least, tell yourself… Continue Reading “Not Equal Not Better”

Equality: What Does it Mean to You

Equal is Not Always Equal What I believe to be true is that there is no “workable” definition of equality. It is a moving target. Once you think that you just may have achieved it, there it goes again; off and running. Some would… Continue Reading “Equality: What Does it Mean to You”

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