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Thought Think Feel Act

How We Think About Thinking The Power of Thought Here is where you should be if you are someone you know has ever lived with the hurt and pain that only a dysfunctional childhood and emotional trauma, whatever the cause, can breed. The seed… Continue Reading “Thought Think Feel Act”

Pain In Your Mind Is Caused By How You Think

  Pain the Emotional Kind What I have to say here may or may not be for you. The way to know for sure is to read it and understand it. It may not be relevant to you in a personal way and how… Continue Reading “Pain In Your Mind Is Caused By How You Think”

THINKING and reasoning is what we do

Thinking is what we do. Our brains have the same makeup but differentβ€”as we areβ€”in what they can do for us. Our thoughts are one of them. There is no restriction on the thoughts that we think. There is a limit to the thoughts… Continue Reading “THINKING and reasoning is what we do”

I Wouldn’t Drink The Lemonade If I Were You

Good Bad or Something Else Good cannot come from bad, just as a positive cannot come from a negative. Neither can bad come from good or a negative from a positive. Either one can; however, come before or after the other. We often hear… Continue Reading “I Wouldn’t Drink The Lemonade If I Were You”

Use Your Mind Not Your Doubts

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