I Wouldn’t Drink The Lemonade If I Were You

Picture of Lemons and Lemonade

Good Bad or Something Else

Good cannot come from bad, just as a positive cannot come from a negative. Neither can bad come from good or a negative from a positive. Either one can; however, come before or after the other.

We often hear it said, “at least some good came from it.” Take a lemon (a negative outcome) and make lemonade.” But in truth, they merely serve to delude one into accepting defeat or loss. You may even believe these sayings to be inspirational and relief from a not so good outcome. But the good came after the bad, not from it. That doesn’t happen.

Each thing stands on its own. With lemonade, you still have the lemon as your main ingredient and you have to add a great deal of sugar to mask the bitter taste just to drink it. And you know about too much sugar. You would not have separated yourself from the negative outcome and it would be felt no matter what is done to cover it up. It would not be good; though, on the surface, it might seem that way for a while because of the “sweet” taste. Whatever it has become will collapse under its own weight. You cannot make a healthy brew from a negative.

If a bad thing occurs, it will not be made better by good that comes along at a latter time. There is not a thing that can change the bad into good. It is the same when there is a good thing that happens. A bad thing later does not change that good. How you think is the only thing that can change. And, of course, how you think is how you will feel. Most of the not so good things that happen to you are caused by you and it is how you think that does it. How you think is how you will act.


When It Is Not Right You Will Know 2-18-16


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