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This is For Your Good and Those Who You Love

What I have written here may take a few minutes of your time for some and more for others, but it is important for you to read and listen. This will change your life for the better no matter how good your life is now. I took half of today to write this though it’s been there along. Here you will find a combination of posts that I have arranged to say what each of them cannot say alone. If you need to save it for later, do so. What I write comes directly from The Creator. I now know what that meant, when I did not understand it before. 


Read This: If You Do Nothing Else for Yourself and Family

You may be about ready to ask, “What’s with all this thought and thinking.” Well, what could be more important to our sense of Self and well-being. Our thoughts, and how we think them, are what determines what we do and say. What we want from our lives depends on it.  They are our own and the only thing we have that cannot be taken from us.

Thoughts will come and go but they do not go away. You will not undo a thought. Once we have a thought we think it or it lives on as just a thought. There is not a thing that a thought will reverse to. Though, our perception of which our thoughts are based on might change. This, in turn, could change what we think. You can, have the thought again. But not think about in the same way. If it connects with things in your life, it will move forward.

You must know the existence of a thing to have a thought about it. When you do know, but do not remember, you know no less. A new thought will remind you if a need should arise as you go about your life. You will not know how much you know until you know more than you know now. We do not use what we know as we learn it. We use what we learn after it becomes knowledge.

Knowledge is when you have a full and complete understanding of what you have learned. That is how and why it is knowledge. Know what you think you know. Know what you do not. Knowledge will do you no harm. How you think about what you know can. For you will feel and act on what you think. You can be perfect doing what you want to be perfect. But you will not be a perfect person for that is not our role to be. Nor will you always think in a perfect way but your actions should do harm you or anyone else. There is never an acceptable reason to hurt others or your Self, that is, unless others are wanting to do harm to you are those who you love.

Life is made up of decisions that you and I must make. There are times when you must decide on what you do not know. If you do not know what is around the corner you may decide not to go.  How we think our thoughts can lift us up or hold us down. Depends on what we do with them. You have no power greater than to think your thoughts. Thinking is fuel for the mind. How great it is to use. Just by its nature though, we tend to spend more time thinking a negative thought, not that we think more negative thoughts. And it is for good reason; thoughts that are negative in nature requires more attention. And will “conjure” up all types of scenarios. It can cause you to imagine the worst and you can dwell on it to no end. If it does leave, it will keep coming back until you think it through.

The most negative and damaging thought you can think is when you let what you think others think about you cause discomfort and worry. What others think about others is what bothers others the most. You should not let any of that kind of thinking by others cause you a minute of discomfort. Let no one influence your thoughts to make you feel bad about not only yourself but any person, place or thing. Lord knows they will try. It is more than likely that they would not approach you with this in mind if they did not think they could.

How you act is what will lead others to believe what they do about you. That is, if they do not have their own reasons to think otherwise. But for those with no agenda, it is how you are thought of when they think of you. How else can they know who you are. When you change how you think, if that is what you need to do, you will change how you act; therefore, you change what is thought of you. Painful thoughts cause us to think in a way that does not serve us well.

When you have painful thoughts, there is a cause. Painful thoughts if you take the time to think them will show in how you act. You can come to depend on it. And then take it a step further and think that it is normal. Of course, it never is. Yes, it does hurt to think hurtful thoughts. What you think should not be the cause of pain. When your thoughts are not clear, how you think will be disordered. It will not allow you to be the best that you can be at what you say and do. One of the most difficult tasks in life is to understand how and why we think the way we do. You must know how to think the way that is best for you. Do not let how you think be based on thoughts you are not sure of, for how you act would be unpredictable.

If our thoughts are not certain, not a thing else that we do can be certain. And you will not have confidence in what you do. Thoughts like this you should not let take up room in your mind. It will cause mixed feelings. Then, yes, you will act in ways that you cannot always foresee or be certain of or predict. Do not let these kinds of thoughts take hold. It will leave you with a conflicting view of what is real. It is critical that you see your thoughts for what they are. For when you do not it is sure to lead to Self, sabotage.

Do not let a disordered mind tell you what to do, yours or anyone else’s. If you do, you will not think in a rational way. When you do not think right, what you do will not be right. All wrong things come with a price. This is so even when you do not know the cost. When how you think is out of control and causing harm, you are the last one to know. We are not soon to realize it. When things are not right, you look at all the other places, first, for an answer. One thing that is for sure though, we will not harm ourselves with full knowledge of what we are doing. It goes against the first law of nature. That is growth and survival. And to grow you must be strong and able to see with your mind not just your eyes.

I cannot say it enough, how we act is what others use to judge us, and it is the face that we show the world. Our thoughts and feelings are not meant to be seen. They are revealed by the way we act. It is by this that we are known. We relate to others by what they do. A “lay” person doesn’t usually go into the particulars about what a person is thinking or how they feel. What is in our hearts and minds cannot be known. And whether we accept it or not, no one is obligated to understand us.

It is not as hard for you to change how you act, as it is not to. Yes, I do know that some of what I say here may require a second or at times a third reading. But if you listen it will be as clear as a bright sunny day. When you start to think better and see better, you will act better. If you do not see you—think—whom do you see. Someone is touched by what we say and do and we are touched by what others do. How we think is where it all begins. And there is not a time when we do not think. That is not the problem. What we think can be.

Childhood: Continue to read if you have had one. This may not relate to you directly; however, indirectly I have no doubt that it does.

When how you think and act is the result of the pain you feel, you must trace your pain to where it leads. That would be your childhood. Our childhood is real and the affect that it has on us—good or bad— is real as well. If you have memories of your childhood you would rather not think about you must look back one last time to take care of this problem for good. First, though, you must let down your defenses, drop your guard, maybe, for the first time. That your view may be clouded by time and the hurt that you felt does not change a thing. You were a child in an adult world. It does not matter; it is the thoughts of your childhood that hurt. If it is not you, it is someone you know, whether you know it or not.

If the trip is too difficult to take alone, hold on to my hand and I will take you there and back. Millions around the world were born into and grew up in a dysfunctional childhood environment. There is where the roots were planted and they sprouted and grew from a life being interfered with. You must go back to this point. It is where your path to a right way of thinking begins.

Is it the way you remember it to be? Some things we can change, others we have to change how we think about them. The past will never be changed. Memories of days since passed should not be your guide. This is for a good reason. What we can recall about the past can change. Then our memories are more false than not. They tell us what was, not what is or what is going to be. You can go to the past when you want, just remember to leave. There is no room there. All the things there have already been. The past is filled. It is not meant for us to spend more time there than in the present.

If you suffer—there is not just one way—you do not know why. If you knew why you would not suffer. The why is, you tell yourself that you are not worthy. You think that you are not good enough; that you do not deserve to be yourself and be happy. Do not say that in any form. If you do, know that it is not true. The Self, does not want to hear it. When we hurt ourselves, there is a memory that has hurt us. When love is not there, the place where it should be will not be left empty. Hurt will fill its place.

The drive to survive is born with us. It is the first law of nature. Do not do harm to what has been given. This will cause grief and will harm others in your life, as well. Most of the problems in our lives today are caused by how we think. Not how others think. We bring them on ourselves. Many times, it is when we think we know the thoughts of others as well as we know our own. It is how you think.


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Why, Do You Think

Why Do You Say and Do Those Things

When you are not sure what you think about what is on your mind, you will be just as unsure about what you should do. You will do something, but will that be the best thing to do. It is highly doubtful. Do not make a move before you know what, when, where and how you are going to act. You will not be able to undo what you do once it is done. I am sorry, I didn’t mean to do that, I apologize does not make up for when you act in a way, where you will do your very most to take it back. Of course, this you can never do no matter what you say or do to make what you did better.

We all think; it is not a problem for any of us, but acting on what you think can be. When you think, your mind is at work and is telling you as it does its work what it wants to do with your thoughts. But, unless you make the decision, you cannot be sure the right one has been made.

You should listen to your mind. And if it is not what is best for you, this is when you tell your mind what you are going to do. You rule your mind. It should never be in charge of what you do and say. The mind and the Self—the Self is you—should always agree before decisions are made. That is the only way that you should decide on a course of action or how you feel about what you think. Any other way will result in disordered thinking and an uncertain outcome. Never, with no exceptions, do or say a thing that will cause you to act in a way that is harmful to you and your best interest.

When left to itself, the mind has no power of its own; it is powered by the world in which it exists. Thinking is what feeds the mind and tells it what to do and the more you think the more there is to think. There is never a time that we are not thinking. If you are alive, you are thinking. The only time this might not be so, and we don’t know for sure, is when a person is brain-dead, which is a topic for another day.

Here is what happens for you to act, which, of course, requires thinking. First, you perceive and this perception is based on people, places and things in your environment. Next, you think about these things, which then cause you to have feelings about them and at this point is when you act. Your behavior is the end result. How you act is how others know you for they cannot know what you are thinking. No one, not a Psychiatrist, Psychologist or any “wise one” can read your mind.

Though many do not subscribe to the following truth it is true nonetheless: We are known and judged, yes judged, by our behavior and how we act. You cannot act before you think so when you tell someone you did not mean to hurt them, lie to them or any other such hurtful thing, they may not know what you were thinking, but they do know what you did to them. What they may be thinking is that you had thoughts about them, you did a bit of thinking and that as a result you had certain feelings and you acted in a way to hurt them. It is not often that you can be made to something you do not want to do. That fact is known to most. So, think as long as it takes and if for whatever reason you feel rushed, do not decide until you have the time to understand your thoughts. You must think as long as needed to make the best decision for you and those who will be on the receiving end of your actions.

You have friends, neighbors, people you work with, and too many times relatives who act in a way you prefer they did not. But for good or bad, better or worse—you—in such times, do not control what they do. Each one of us is solely responsible for the things we do, or not. Of course, there are some who try to take matters into their own hands. They use countless ways and means to influence the behavior of others and there are times it may seem to work; however, unless it is what a person wanted to do, you can never know, for sure, when they will not. Or they just might turn on you. You should not depend on coercion to have your way with others for you cannot know what is going on in the mind of another, so it is best to understand that. To misjudge can have unwanted and irreparable consequences.

It Is A Mind Thing

The mind is meant to explore the possibilities. It is there where it seems to be to wonder, to create, and to consider what is thought to be and what can be. There is no limit where the mind will go, the turns it will take and the maneuvers it will make, so there are times when you have to call it back. Yes, the mind is the master of thought no doubt. But we are the master of the mind.

You have to listen to learn and learn to listen. It is how you think. Are you listening now?


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You Must Learn How to Think

Thinking and Thought Reference

(Can Be Consumed In Parts)

When I say to think a thought, what I mean is, thought and thinking is not always the same. A thought is just a thought until you think about it. You cannot think of a thing until you have a thought. And our thoughts are based on how we perceive what we see, hear and feel. A thought just is until it is not. Think of a thought as being inert, not doing a thing from when you have it until you think of what you want to do with it. The time between the two is quick. There is no way to measure. We are yet to know when someone has a thought or what they are thinking. And there is a good reason for that.

Thought is not only what we had. It is also, what we have. You thought and you have a thought. It is what we have thought, and what we have to think. A thought cannot be forced. To try to do so is called thinking. Once we have a thought, either we think it or it moves to our memory. It will not be undone. It is the same as it is with life. The life we have lived cannot be changed; it is what it is, forever. Think about this. What exist to us is all we know. And we decide what we are going to do with it.

Say you are walking down a long and winding road and along the way, you meet me. You will have a thought based on your perception of me. This is the first thing that will happen. You will then think about us. If you are at ease with what you see, you will continue on your way most likely unbothered. If for some reason—that can only be known by you—you do not feel safe, you will go in another direction or go ahead with caution. Or you may not have strong feelings either way. No matter how you feel, your feelings will be based on what you think. And you will act according to how you feel. We perceive, have a thought, we think, we feel we act. That is the course of an action process.

We are taught how to think and must decide what to think. You should not think in a way that tells you things you do not need to hear. Your thoughts belong to you. No one can think for you, though many will try. We are born with the capacity to think and must learn how to think to live. For how you think is how you survive. You must decide the thoughts you choose to think. No one can do this for you. When you are taught from the start by someone who cares, you can. Thinking is what feeds the mind and tells it what to do.

“I had a thought but I don’t remember what it was.” Have you said this to yourself? The reason is it was not a full thought. When this happens, it was not a thought that held the mind’s attention. (I did not think it was important then, maybe later.) It is my belief that there are two kinds of thought. Have you been asked by someone what you think about a thought that they have? As in, I had a thought about us going shopping today. What do you think about that? There is a flow to this.

Their thought is the first thought. You can answer but you should not until you know more. You could ask, what do you have in mind, what do you think? You cannot, of course, know what they think but you will know what they tell you—how they act will speak for them. Until they do, your thought is a pending thought. A pending thought is still just a thought. As a reminder, there is no greater thing that we have the sole responsibility for than when, what and how we think. It cannot be talked about enough; it determines how we live, if we live, and what is done with us when we do not. It also determines whether we win or lose, go or stay or just be in the way.

Now back to the question, what do you do with your pending thought. You do not know what you think yet. You cannot say for you must wait for the person who asked you what you think about their thought to think and act. When asked what you think about a thing, if you do not have a thought that is a reason to think, you will think nothing to contribute. Therefore, there is nothing you can tell them. On one level, they may want your help to make up their mind. They must think first. Otherwise, they are asking you to think for them. This you cannot do. And you should not try for you will be the one they blame if it goes wrong and you will likely not be given credit if things turn out right.

To try to think for someone is not good thinking. It is trying to do the “un thinkable.” One can, let another decide for them. But, of course, it will not be their decision. To think is a process and each time you do, it is new. And when you stop thinking about this, you will think about that. Thinking has no power until you act. How you act is the best that can be known about how you think. This is a fact that does not change.

You should not act on what you think someone is going to say. That is, to the extent that you have your say before they do. It is a fault of many. It is not seen as a problem by those who do it, but it is.  It is almost never well received.  Usually, a person does this because they are on guard. At its core is insecurity. It is the unconscious coming through to say, I know. It is tied in with self-esteem or better put, low self-esteem. This is their ready mode. Wait until you know all that you should. What you think may not be what you think it is. That is because what you perceive and think you know may not be what is true. Perception can be reality, or not. What it is to you, or how someone else perceives it, is not always, what is.

Thinking is a process, there is a start and there is a finish each time we think a thought. Once you start, you cannot stop until you are done. What we expose our Self to will be the source for the thoughts that enters our mind—who and what we are around—it is then up to us, what we do with them. We should not let thoughts that are not wanted stay where they do not belong. These kinds of thoughts we should refuse to have anything to do with. Let them go to your memory and let them stay there. Do not think them. They are of no value; no good can come from it.

You rule over your mind. That is, you should. Never let it tell you what to do. You and your mind decide what to do with your thoughts. Do not do a thing that will cause you to act in a way other than how you wish. How you act is all that can be known about who you are. There are things that others do that you prefer they did not. You do not control this. You are in charge of how you act. That is the only affect you can have on what others do.

Thoughts will come. You cannot force them from our head. You can; however, pretend they are not there. They will remind you that they are. Before you act, you should be sure of what you think. What you do next depends on it. When you have good thoughts, it is more likely that good things will happen. Just to think good thoughts is good. It changes how you feel and is the mainstay of a content mind. Bad thoughts can seep in when there is fertile ground for a bad seed to be planted. Do not let bad thoughts take root. These bad thoughts many times surfaces when you are where you should not be and you are in the presence of someone you should not share your world with. You know this, now don’t you.

When we think that good thoughts are bad or bad thoughts are good, it is not a good way to think. This is a sign of disordered thinking. It is usually brought on when you have allowed yourself to be confused by the life you are living. There is someone there who should not be. It could be you. The mind is doing it and you are letting it happen. It is best to remember, that good comes from good and bad comes from bad. There is no other way. Bad can follow good things. Good can follow bad. But neither thing can come from the other thing. There is a point where one stops and the other starts. We will not change what has happened, no matter what you do. It has made its mark. It matters not if it is good or bad. What is done next will be the new what is. What has happened is done.

We should not talk or think of the bad when things are good. On a nice sunny day, have you heard someone say, or have you said, but it is forecast to be cloudy tomorrow. How can you ever enjoy the good now when you keep thinking about the not so good which may or may not come later. But when you feel bad about yourself, whether you acknowledge it or not, you will not let the good take root. It may not sound like much; though, it is quite important to your well-being and it does show a certain frame of mind and way of thinking.

We should always try to think of the good when things are bad. It is cloudy today, but the sun may be out tomorrow. It is the right thing to do because we feel what we think. Thinking should lift the soul and stir the mind. How we think our thoughts forms the foundation on which our lives are built. There is not a thing to think but a thought.

There will be times when you may wonder what it all means and if you should continue. The new tends to be that way, which is how we learn. Be it works of art, literature or merely understanding the use of a product you recently purchased. We must first understand and follow the instructions for best use.

You do not know how good a thought is until you know how good it was. Our thoughts are what we think and what we think drives both actions and words. And there is no such thing as a bad word. The use of a word decides what it is worth. How we arrange our words say what we mean. You should never say what you do not mean to say. You would only do this if your thinking is disordered.

When we think, we are having a talk with ourselves. You can do this two ways. You think your thoughts to yourself. That is when you talk to yourself and not say a word. The other is to think your thoughts out loud. This is a good way to discuss what is on your mind with yourself when no one else is around. We think for a reason.

We think our thoughts and think about how others act. We have to be aware of a thing to have thoughts about it. To shrink and expand your world is the best way to gauge the thoughts that you think. What I mean is, the limits we place, or not, on the people and things we allow in our world. There are some things you are better off without. Not all belongs in your head. Because once it is there, it will forever live on in your memory forever.



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What You Read Here Should Not Stay Here

What You Read Here Should Not Stay Here

To tell a person what to think will not teach them how to think. You are how you think.

The primary focus of what I say and do is on those who have felt the hurt and pain of rejection for how they think. And yes, it does grow from our childhood. There are many among us who think they know why they feel the way they do but they really do not.

When not all is right about how you feel emotionally and your mental state of mind, and you see no reason why it should not, it is how you think. And much of what we think today has its roots in what happened to us “yesterday.” And yes, indeed many try to hide how they really feel inside but this kind of self-control is just a superficial cover up. It is not easily hidden if you know the signs and what to look for. Why would you care? It is most important to your well-being that you do. For you do not want to be misled by anyone’s way of thinking including your own. It is about how they act that you know.

Those who do all that they can to hide can be showy—they have their toys—and boastful or quite reserved and overly “proper,” in how they act. The ones who are hurting the most though are those who act the good guy, the nice person all the time. Either way, it seems they always have it “going on.” Nonetheless, it is a defense mechanism to shield them from the pain they feel.

A defense mechanism will fail you in your weakest moment.

To understand how this thinking thing works, you must understand what disordered thinking can do to the mind. How it affects your life or others around you. It takes you further away from your true Self. It is how you think. What does this have to do with how you think, you ask. And my answer is, all things we do require us to think, even those times that you are not aware—It is there in the unconscious (subconscious). I know some of what I say challenges the things you have come to believe as certain truths. But I want you to think about it no less.

The way you think changes how you feel and relate to the people, places and things in your life. When you are the true person you are meant to be, your vision will be clearer and you will see what really is, not what you may have thought it to be. It is my hope that by listening to my words you will come to a better understanding of your thoughts and your thinking process. This is not just for you though. In fact, it could be more for those people over there.

Down here. You know, those who are touched by what you do and say. If you, a family member or friend has been touched in any way by childhood trauma or otherwise mishandled by others in your life, this is for you. What you see here will take you where you have never been before and will help you see where you thought you were is not where you were at all. It is about change, change in how you think. In no way am I trying to tell you what to think. When I say you, I am talking about the Self, your Self, her Self, him Self, my Self—all of us.

What I do here will guide you through what it takes to live a better life by the examination and understanding of your thoughts and how to think them. All you need to do is listen. Do not turn away, there is something to be learned. What you hear if you will listen will open for you a way of thinking that will allow you to become the person you were meant to be. I am just passing on what my mind has revealed to me. And the Greater is my source and inspiration.


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