Message 4U

What I say here is about more than my Self. The words are sure to resonate with meaning for anyone who has ever asked, “Why Do I Feel the Way That I Do.” If you listen to what you hear from the words on this page, it is likely to open your mind to things about yourself you have refused to see. Or it could bring forth feelings and emotions that you were not aware that you had.

My life is not so unique—it is different, for I am still here while many who walked the same path as I could not find their way back home. The will to survive could not overcome their feelings of low self-esteem and insecurity. Their thoughts about their childhood would not let them be. Man, woman, and child: They all faltered and failed to take back their mind.

What I write is inspired by the Creator. It is a natural process, not forced or coerced. I write as I listen to my Self. And my life experience, observations of my environment, and the wonders of nature are the foundation for my insight. I am on a mission to spread the word, and my life has prepared me to be “The Messenger.” You do not have to search for the truth. It has been here all along. You have to believe it to see it. When you see it, you will understand. There is more to the mind than what you know.

Ask Me This

When you ask yourself a question, you must know the answer when you hear it. You must listen to learn and learn to listen. To do that, you must know your Self. The Self is your soul. It is not your mind. You are your Self, and your mind abides by your will. It is the way it must be. When it is not, your thinking will be disordered, and you cannot know for sure how you will feel or act in your relationship with people, places, and things, and with your Self. You will not be sure what to do, and when you do what you do, you will not know if you are doing it right until you know you have done it wrong.

It is how you think and when how you think is disordered it will not let you be the person you were meant to be. Now is the time to be you.

The Thinking Process


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