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My Thoughts and How I Think Them

Your Time the Only Time You Have

No matter what time it is time does not change. What happens in the space of time does. Time is not changing; you are. It is personal. It starts for each of us when we are created by our parents and is not shared.… Continue Reading “Your Time the Only Time You Have”

Shortcuts Will Bring You Up Short

Make It Right While You Still Can

How To Know How Well You Can Do

Just Look and You Will Find

So This is How You Really Look

Where Do You Stand

Just An Excuse You Tell To Yourself

You Cannot Be Happy If You Do Not Listen

How Can You Know If You Do Not Listen   When our mind tells us what we are looking for is somewhere else, we will not see it where it is. Likewise, you will not know what a thing is if you expect it… Continue Reading “You Cannot Be Happy If You Do Not Listen”

Learn to Live With You—The Real You


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