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Smell: The Sense For Mating And Sex

It is unfortunate that women and girls—mothers or not—are now covering up and trying to rid themselves of the smell that is a part of who they are. The woman has been made to feel ashamed of her body and scent. It is so sad, for we need the human smell to remind us that we are. And we wonder why it seems that man and woman are not as attracted to each other as they once were. It is not the same. There is no denying it. There really should be no wonder or reason to ask why. But there is. Why does it seem that there is some hidden hand that is trying to pull us apart? Whose agenda, is it? When we interfere with nature, nature will talk back. Someone is selling what you do not need.

Why When What— Will Or Will Not

The Reason Why Why and when are more significant than what, and why is the reason. To know your own why is to know the only why you can ever know for certain. You know what others tell you, but how can you know… Continue Reading “Why When What— Will Or Will Not”

Learn to listen listen to learn thinking for life

Our brains have the same makeup but different—as we are—in what they can do for us. Our thoughts are one of them. There is no restriction on the thoughts that we think. There is a limit to the thoughts that we have. It is… Continue Reading “Learn to listen listen to learn thinking for life”

How Much Time Do You Have Left to Give

Time is like the wind you cannot see; you only see what it does. Do we really know what time it is. What is it that makes time so important? Why do we speak about it like no other. There are times what we… Continue Reading “How Much Time Do You Have Left to Give”

born to be free you are the master of your destiny

To Love And to Cherish Born to be free, but then comes marriage. And marriage comes with a contract—vows—that is as unnatural as marriage itself. This may sound shocking, and to some of you, I am sure it does. But read on and listen… Continue Reading “born to be free you are the master of your destiny”

attractions or distractions you be the judge

“What Distracts You The Most Is Your Mind” Attractions or distractions, you be the judge. There are reasons why you let things distract you, even when you do not know why. When you are distracted, it can be good, or not good at all.… Continue Reading “attractions or distractions you be the judge”

label me not with your words

Do You Know Your Place Label me not with your words. If not, how will I know who or what you are? You must know where you belong. If not, you are lost. There are things a society must have in place for us… Continue Reading “label me not with your words”

HATE: the seed did grow in the heart of woman

In the Heart of Woman, the Seed Did Grow Prologue: HATE: Be warned that you read The Birth of Hate at the risk of having shifting emotions, rising passions, and unrestrained thoughts. It does not promote neither does it condemn an ideology, religion, or… Continue Reading “HATE: the seed did grow in the heart of woman”

Woman’s burden Because of Man

The Woman and Girl Do This Because Of Man A Heavy Load To Carry From the time they rise in the morning to when they lie down for the night, a female (woman/girl) has to check and recheck that nothing is showing, smelling, or… Continue Reading “Woman’s burden Because of Man”


Created to Evolve to Create Creation and Evolution = Creavolution Creation is the breath of life from which we evolve. For us humans, our parents are the Creators. If all is as it should be, they prepare the way for us. An offspring does… Continue Reading “CREATION AND EVOLUTION = Creavolution”

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