Pretender You Are

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

We Are

Why do we do it? We pretend we love God but treat his creation with disrespect and harm. We build relationships and then tear them down with our hurting words and how we act. I say I love you when at the same time I am bedding another. You tell your children right when you are doing wrong. You get all dressed up to go to church and sit there in all of your finery. With arms outstretched, you shout out your love for God when you are thinking about and lusting for the Reverend. (Insert preacher, teacher, or priest.) Or maybe this Sunday, it is the Deacon or some other man in the congregation. You do not go hunting at church; is this how it is meant to be? And why are you standing so tall, brothers, is there something you need to see, or are you just flashing. Not to worry, they see you. You are the greatest pretender.


Yes, we are the greatest pretenders, and that is why life is a lie for so many of us; you know who you are. You cannot live a lie and expect life to be true to you and then pray for what you have pushed away. A lie will never win over the truth. And the worst lie that you can tell is to yourself. I do not have to live with your lie. You do. And a lie lives on until the truth is told.

God created us with all we need to do the right thing; it is up to us. He gave us free will for a reason. We have a choice to do right or to do wrong; what do you choose? When I say I love you while I have lust in my heart for another, this is wrong. When I say that you are my friend and I have a knife at your back, this is wrong. And no wrong can ever be made right. You can only do right after you have done wrong. That is the best that you can do. The hurt that you have done will still be there, always. You are the greatest pretender.

Of course, you will do better when you know better. It is for you to learn how to be better if better is what you want to be. Yes, you are the greatest pretender, and know who you are. You may fool yourself for a while but will not fool God. Your mind is telling you what to do when you should be telling your mind. You are the master of you, not your mind. It is how you think. And how you think is how you feel, and how you feel is how you will act.


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