Month: February 2023

Thought Think Feel Act

How We Think About Thinking The Power of Thought Here is where you should be if you are someone you know has ever lived with the hurt and pain that only a dysfunctional childhood and emotional trauma, whatever the cause, can breed. The seed… Continue Reading “Thought Think Feel Act”

Life Introduction

LIFE Why You Feel the Way You Do You may ask, what could motivate some people to do some of the things they do. What you can do to know the answer is to know it when you see it. You are the gatekeeper… Continue Reading “Life Introduction”

Attraction or Distraction

β€œWhat Distracts You The Most Is Your Mind” Attraction or Distraction Attractions or distractions, you be the judge. There are reasons why you let things distract you, even when you do not know why. When you are distracted, it can be good or not… Continue Reading “Attraction or Distraction”

Looking: What A Sight to See

  Looking at You Look But You Better Not Touch No one is immune to the urge to look, no one. Some may turn away when you do it, but they like for it to be done and quite thrilled to do it too.… Continue Reading “Looking: What A Sight to See”

Smell of The Body Sweet Slippery When Wet

Smell The Sex Sense The five basic senses are smell, hearing, sight, taste, and touch. They let us live and are the means to be in contact with the world around us. They make life what it is. To have just one of the… Continue Reading “Smell of The Body Sweet Slippery When Wet”

Touch Me Feel Me Know Me

The Sense of Touch Touch is the first of the five senses to develop in the womb and plays an essential role in our everyday life and even in our existence. While the other four senses (sight, hearing, smell, and taste) are in specific… Continue Reading “Touch Me Feel Me Know Me”

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