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Looking at You

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Look But You Better Not Touch

No one is immune to the urge to look, no one.

Obama Has Eyes for You

Some may turn away when you do it, but they like for it to be done and quite thrilled to do it too. Looking is what we do. And when who you are looking at is doing the same to you, why act as if you do not know what to do. A look your way, words they say can be a there you go or an oh no. A flip of the hair, a slight grin will tell you if it is out or in. You give a glance, or two, and you see they are looking back at you. I am not staring, I just like what I see. And how would you know that I am looking at you if you were not doing the same to me?

White Woman Looking Back Flirting

The sense of sight lets us see what we smell, taste, touch,  and the origin of the sounds we hear.

Photo Image of Senses (sight)

Look Into My Eyes

We see our world through our eyes, thanks to the sense of sight. On the other hand, vision is what you have when your eyes are open or shut.

The senses tell the brain what they smell, taste, touch, hear, and see. Then the brain sends commands to the body. And perceptions are then formed in the mind for us to have thoughts to think. Our thoughts are based on what we receive and are formed in the mind to be recorded by the brain. The mind is where we think our thoughts, and it suggests to us what to do with them. We have the choice to overrule the mind if need be. It is where perception has its roots. The senses are tools for the brain.

Probably most people would agree—I know that I do—sight is the most precious of the five senses. We look out with our eyes and look in with our mind.  The human eye is the organ that gives us the sense of sight. It allows us to learn more about the world that we live in than we do with any of the other four senses. We use our eyes in most activities that we do. Many of us fear the loss of sight more than any other disability. And we humans rely on our sense of sight more than many other animals. For example, many animals use their sense of smell much as we use our sight. And for sure, the best way to know that “it” is real is to see it.

Night or day, our eyes, each time we open them, send all they see back to the brain, where a permanent record is kept. It is much the same as a video camera, though there is no erase button. The images of everything we look at and see are sent to our brain for processing and storage. There are people, places, and things we see that we cannot get enough of and others that we do not want ever to see again. Either way, the picture will always be there in your mind. For a good reason, the sense of sight is considered the most complex of the five senses. To do most of the activities we do, we need to see what we are doing. And I am sure that without the ability to see, you would have to touch and smell it to become aroused. There is certainly not a thing wrong with that.

The Odd Couples 

Odd Couple

Looking is as natural as sex, and arousal does not have to be taught. What we see as beautiful is not as natural, for it is influenced by the “world” that we live in. And yes, it is also about being told what or whom should be attractive to us.

Odd Black and White Couple



Transgender Woman Contest Winner

All of the senses can deceive you; even so, sight (what you see) will give you the best signs and signals that “it”—whatever it may be—is the real thing. There is no doubt that you and your mind have to do your work. It is not nice to be fooled, and quite a bit of foolery is going on.

To know what turns us on is best understood if we can see it. But it has come to the point that even seeing is not always believing. With all the cover-ups, pushups, and aides in getting it up, you can hardly trust what your eyes are telling you. And for that matter, what you feel, when you are feeling it.

You hear all the time that men are visual creatures. I am here to tell you that women are as much or more so. It goes something like this: The face, the hair, and the breast (for men), the crotch (for both), the butt (for both), and the legs (for men).

Eye to Eye

Now that is the way we see it. And you have to savor those things that you like. Because you cannot see, smell, taste, or touch the mind, it is the last thing most of us think about. However, you can tell a great deal about how some/most females think by how they act. And I say female, not a woman because you can distinguish the gender of most animals by their nature and how they act. I observe nature daily, human animals, and other animals as well. I have done this for the past eight years with few exceptions.

Here are other characteristics to notice when observing the women among us. Now ladies, you know it is true, do you not? But if my observations need to be corrected and I have misinterpreted my data, this is where you should correct the error in my analysis. Now men and boys, here is what you do. Watch the movement of her body and look at her from head to toe, and you will see what they consider their best assets. This would be your focus. Pay special attention to how they move and where they place their hands. And remember, it is not so much what they say as much as it is how they say it, and, of course, every move sends some kind of message. At times, it comes from the subconscious, and they are not even aware of it. It is nature, it is natural, and that is how God created us to be.


When a woman or girl knows you have homed in on them, your eyes will have done the heavy lifting even before you speak. The eyes, alone, can draw the object of your affection straight into your head. Once the eyes lock, not a word has to be said. Male or female nature will take its course. It is the connecting of souls and the meeting of minds. Even so, some women will look—on the sly—and see you looking at them and then pretend not to see you. They will turn their heads and try to distract themselves with self-control. They will play with their hair, look at their watch, start fiddling with their phone, or act as if there is a thing of interest elsewhere: They are afraid of their feelings.

We see with our eyes and envision with our mind, and we will feel what comes next. You either act on your feelings or move on and just let it be. The image and what you have been thinking will move further back into your memory, but one thing you cannot do is “unsee” what you have seen. And you cannot “unfeel” the feelings. It will be with you, and so will the feelings. Feelings that are as natural as the air that we breathe. Do not feel guilt from thinking and feeling what you do. Yes, it has been made almost taboo to think and feel some of the things that we do.

But one thing that is for sure is that no one can know what is on your mind. Yet, some out there spend a great deal of time trying to know. Some go so far as to tell you why you did or did not do what you did or did not do. And yes, some, unfortunately, do not trust themselves to be looked at or to look at.

Depending on the relationship, you may not be “allowed” to let your eyes go where they want to go. Whether you are married, single, a relative, or a friend, your eyes are there to do just one thing: see. But, of course, when your eyes move, you have then acted on your feelings. It is, for sure, at this point where you will know if your analysis of what you see is correct.

What you see at a distance may not look the same up close. But fantasy is built on the wings of imagination. And some things are enjoyed best from afar. What you see is what you get, but is it what you want?

                       The Eyes Are Talking

See-Eyes Can Talk

I would say that it is just human if we were the only ones with a mating ritual. We are not, of course, for the attraction to the opposite sex keeps creation, evolution, and life alive.  Without the desire to “mate” and the feeling during and at the climax of intercourse, there would be no sex. The incentive was created in us and almost all living things.

Sex Drive

The most vital drive we have, and its core “mechanism” of survival, is the desire for sex. And the accelerant is what we see and how we feel when we see it. The “original” man would copulate, almost on the spot, for the furtherance of the species.

The drive appears to have been stronger than out of necessity. And, of course, there was no shame. It was much like you see other animals mate today. Whenever aroused, and I am all but sure that it was pretty often, nature would take its course, any time or any place.

By nature, sex is still at the core of the creation of life and is the base of the survival of the species. In the beginning, sex, more likely than not, was the sole reason for wanting to mate. Not so much love and affection. We are now as we were then, attracted first by what we see. And what we see can have a different effect on you than on me. You may find an average “lower weight” person more attractive. For me, I may appreciate the qualities of a larger mate. What you see as pretty, I may not like as much or at all. It is how each of us perceives what we see and want.

The Eyes Have It

They say it is not nice to stare, but who is staring? How would you know? Perhaps it is just a coincidental look or glance; not everyone is on the make. Some have tried, and all have failed to make what is a natural thing to do against the law—to be illegal. The ones who do not care for the natural state of “man” and what we do, say that we should be punished or fined for lingering when we look at the female form. They call it ogling, “reckless eyeballing,” or some such thing. Others have suggested that it is an invasion of a woman’s or girl’s privacy. Do not invite me in if you do not want me to stay, at least for a while. We, female and male alike, usually will not focus long on that, which turns us off or is not appealing to our libidinous taste. Our minds are always on the prowl for at least something to think about. It is what it does. So it could be for almost anything that it is aware of.

Just One Look

You try so hard to be attractive and go to great lengths to make it so. But, then, some of you are offended when it is not the object of your affection or someone you find “attractive” who looks your way. Hold up. This can be man or woman, girl or boy. It’s as if the only eyes that are allowed to see you are only the ones you want. That is not being real, no matter how you look at it. Take the bitter with the sweet, they both can be a treat, and at the right time and place, it could be said quite neat.

We will not bend nature to our will. It is by nature that we can hear, taste, touch, smell, and, yes, see. And what we see can do what no other of the senses can do; bring on the heat. It is a fire that burns within us. It is the warmth by which we live. When the fire dies down, so does desire. But for some, the fire burns brighter and longer than for others. You may say this is all just being an animal. Sure, you are right; that is precisely what you are. We act as if we are so civilized. If you want to know how we are not, observe another animal species, and then you will know.

James in The Morning (5) 3-22-16


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