Month: January 2023

Truth or Consequence The True Choice

Presenting a positive Self image.

Lie or Mistake We should know what we do to others and ourselves when we do not tell the truth. It is not a mistake to tell a lie; it is wrong. Why can a lie not be a mistake? A lie is an… Continue Reading “Truth or Consequence The True Choice”

Time for Change Do You Know The Time

Time is Sense-Less Time does not feel a thing, and it will not answer no matter what you ask of it. It does not hear you and will not speak to you. Time is space, and space is time. All we can do is… Continue Reading “Time for Change Do You Know The Time”

Persistence & Determination

Not Too Early or Too Late Persistence is the key to reaching the most worthwhile goals we set for ourselves and what is so great about that is that there is no age limit. You are never too young or too old. Babies and… Continue Reading “Persistence & Determination”

Pain In Your Mind Is Caused By How You Think

  Pain the Emotional Kind What I have to say here may or may not be for you. The way to know for sure is to read it and understand it. It may not be relevant to you in a personal way and how… Continue Reading “Pain In Your Mind Is Caused By How You Think”


Listen to The World—There is Much to Know You learn to listen and listen to learn to know what your world is telling you. You must listen to what you read, what is said to you and to your “Self.” When we are born,… Continue Reading “LISTEN, THINK AND THEN TALK”

Self Control Does More Harm Than Good

Self Awareness Is To Understand Who You Are Self-control is Not SELF control will not hide your true feelings for long, which is not the answer. It takes an effort that pits your mind against your “Self” to do so. Life is all about… Continue Reading “Self Control Does More Harm Than Good”

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