Live for Today Everyday

I Am Number One  

Put no one before God means simply not putting anyone or thing before you. God created us with a drive to survive for a reason. This he did for all living things. Once you put someone or something before you, you have lost what God gave you. Your chances of survival are then not as great as they were. We were created not to look up or down on anyone. We need not be tended to like small children. If you do need such attention, you are then going against God’s will. Our drive to survive is God’s way of telling us to go forth and multiply. I have built life and given it to you—now do what you must.

God created life so that we may live. All that lives, lives because of him. Each one of us will become part of the rest of us. As the light goes out for us in this life, it shines on in the life of another. The energy created by God never dies; it is passed on.  What God created will live on after we are gone. Once a thing is, all things that come from it are based on that thing. That which came first will always be first. It is the base for what is next. With all things, there is a connection. What we do with our life, in some way, will have an effect on other lives. The first to be touched will touch someone else.

So Are You

Each of our lives, once set in motion, will live on. If you exist at all, it will be. This is so even if we are not born yet. So go forth with the knowledge and understanding that it is not wrong when you put yourself first. It is right, the way God would have it. If you do not take care of yourself, you cannot care for anyone else. It is nature; it is the law of survival. Look to your world. When you see or have seen someone you know who puts others before them, they are the ones who suffer. There is no exception because you have gone against the will of God and the nature of being. I say this because he said it to me. If you are told differently, you are told wrong. We are the creation of God.

If I think of you before I think of me, I have the wrong thought.

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