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What Are The Pillars of Love for You

Pillars of Love 3-19-16

When you are being you, the real you, the person who is at the core of your being you will do no harm to your own Self or anyone that you love or care about. Neither can you feel love for someone who hurt or does harm to you. You may not know why, but you will know love. This is a truth that may, at times, for many reasons be disputed, but not by those who know the feeling.

Many who think they know love are just confused by the thought of being or wanting to be, yes, in love. They easily fall prey to its allure. When you are weak, the sound seems strong but the message you hear, if you listen, is not so clear. You hear and see all that your eyes and ears tell you. But what does the mind have to say. The first person to confer with is your Self. What do you say.  I say that love can be a wonderful thing when you know what it is. It is not to be confused with the love of money, the desire for sex or the big house and automobile, nor the myriad number of other material things.

What is beyond what you think you see is what is more important to me. Who is that behind those sweet words and “fancy dress.” Is it just an illusion, smoke and mirrors, or perhaps a bit of both and a smidgen of bait and switch. Time will tell and one thing is for sure; that time that it took to know is no more. It seems to be now, get it in as quick as you can. Though, do not be discouraged for love is always in the air. This you know because a whiff here and there tells you so. It does not linger long for those who seek what love could never offer. Love is not, has not and will never be material in its nature.

You cannot love both someone and “some thing.” Love is reserved for the deepest of feelings.  You do not have to search for these feelings. Love—true love—is easy, it does not hide. And, it is not love if you are not capable of returning that love by what you say and do. If hurt comes to you from what I do, what I have for you is not love. And what you have for me is not what it is thought to be. There are many things that love is not, and only one that it is. Love.

The Messenger Sun Graffiti 2-21-16



Black And White We Are In This Together


Black and White Join Hands

I Love You Do You Love Me

There are laws, rules and regulations to keep us from doing the wrong thing. Now that is a thing worth thinking about. So it would seem that we are not that much different from nonhuman animals. We are not as civilized as we would like to think we are. Other animals are put in cages, and so are some of us.

There are thousands of laws throughout the world with the sole purpose of keeping humans in line to avoid chaos and a complete breakdown in civilized society. Why would this be? Are we not supposed to be the higher-level thinkers of the animal world? If this is so, why do we need the police, the military and other means of enforcement just to keep us from killing each other.

Laws are broken all the time, even when we know there could be punishment—which none would be good—to follow. Are we just wild by nature with an inclination to do the wrong thing? And hate for one another is the worst behavior there is without a “real” reason. It is not moral, it is costly and it is not right. I love you unless and until you do me harm; harm of any kind.

We have laws to regulate our relationship with each other. You know, how we treat one another; laws to make us act human. Why do we need these laws? Why can’t we all just get along. It wastes a lot of money and resources to hate. Just think about the good we could do if we did not think the wrong way about race and color. And gender should not be left out either. It is not just Black and White. It is all that is in between. But there is no doubt, that the relationship between the ends of the color spectrum is what seems to cause the most concern.

I think I know the reason. Ask me and I will tell you for you need to know.


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