Month: February 2016

Perception Will Make or Break Your Happiness

Perception and reality must be in balance to see your world as it is. The way that it is and the way that you think it is must be the way that it is. Your Perception is based on people, places and things in… Continue Reading “Perception Will Make or Break Your Happiness”

Why Things Keep Slipping From Your Hands

A Watched Pot Never Burns When you do not pay attention things will slip from your grasp. It is so easy to drop what you thought you held securely in the palms of your hands. You realize as it slips away that your thoughts… Continue Reading “Why Things Keep Slipping From Your Hands”

Where Is My Daddy

Role Model Who is role model material you may ask and you are not alone. Far too many times when this question is asked, especially by Black folk, they are looking at celebrities, athletes and other high-profile people. These high-profile people are only known… Continue Reading “Where Is My Daddy”

I Wouldn’t Drink The Lemonade If I Were You

Good Bad or Something Else Good cannot come from bad, just as a positive cannot come from a negative. Neither can bad come from good or a negative from a positive. Either one can; however, come before or after the other. We often hear… Continue Reading “I Wouldn’t Drink The Lemonade If I Were You”

Humans Are Under Attack

Attack of The Organisms With all of the things that attack the human mind and body, why do so many humans use their energy to attack each other. All living things are at risk. No one or thing escapes the long reach of the… Continue Reading “Humans Are Under Attack”

The Psychology of Black Hair: Part 1

Say It Loud I Am Black and I Am Proud This could just as well be titled The Psychology of Personal Image. When you cover up what is natural with that which is not, your mind has taken charge of how you think, feel… Continue Reading “The Psychology of Black Hair: Part 1”

Someone Will Always Know Even If It’s Just You


I Have Been There I Know The Way

Do You See Me


Do You Know Love I Just Want to Know

Love   When you are being you, the person who you really are you will not harm yourself or anyone or thing that you love. Neither can you feel love for someone who hurt or does harm to you. You may not know why, but… Continue Reading “Do You Know Love I Just Want to Know”

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