The Psychology of Black Hair: Part 1

I Love You Heart with Words The Messenger 2-23-16

Say It Loud I Am Black and I Am Proud

This could just as well be titled The Psychology of Personal Image. When you cover up what is natural with that which is not, your mind has taken charge of how you think, feel and act. You are no longer in charge of yourself. This short video is about Black hair consciousness and could very well be about the cover up by any race or gender.

I understand the love-hate relationship that the Black girl and woman have with their hair. It is not just appearance that is a concern. Their thoughts and how they think about their hair affects their well-being. It also affects how they see themselves among their peers and other women and girls. And one most important aspect of this relationship with their hair, is that Black hair under certain conditions can be very hard to keep up and maintain.

It is no wonder that Black women are seeking a way to feel better about themselves by wearing a weave, but it is not the answer. The Psychology of the relationship must be understood so that which is “thought” to be natural will not be that which is not natural.

This is not a thing wrong with makeup, weaves, extensions or most any “device” if it makes you feel better about yourself. However, when these things become a part of whom you are, there is a problem with how you think.

I am not here to criticize, that is not my role. I do have a responsibility to have my say when I see behavior that way too often, is harmful to those who I care about. And that would be my Black sisters.


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