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Russell Wilson at The University of Wisconsin-Madison

I had always heard what a great guy Russell Wilson is, well here is the proof. You must watch and listen, closely, to his commencement speech at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Just for those who may not remember, I live just a few block… Continue Reading “Russell Wilson at The University of Wisconsin-Madison”

What The Woman Will Do Because of Man

What the Woman and Girl Must Do for Man From the time that they rise in the morning to when she lies down for the night a female (woman/girl) has to check and recheck that nothing is showing, smelling or telling. It is hard… Continue Reading “What The Woman Will Do Because of Man”

Why Does It Hurt So Bad

Just Want to Be Normal When making a presentation about my childhood growing up with low self-esteem and being insecure a member of the audience asked: “what is normal anyway.” And as her voice trailed off, I could hear her say, “there is no… Continue Reading “Why Does It Hurt So Bad”

What Label Do You Wear

This presentation is about labels and what they mean to us. And yes, we all have them. This is clear for most of us. Even so, you will hear it this time in a way you have not heard it before.

The Psychology of Black Hair: Part 1

Say It Loud I Am Black and I Am Proud This could just as well be titled The Psychology of Personal Image. When you cover up what is natural with that which is not, your mind has taken charge of how you think, feel… Continue Reading “The Psychology of Black Hair: Part 1”

Otis Redding Memorial Madison Wisconsin

The Day That Soul Cried The day that soul cried, a chilly mist hung over Madison, Wisconsin. Fans of Rhythm and Blues anticipated a thrilling visitor that Sunday night. Singer Otis Redding was scheduled for two shows at the Factory. Three days earlier, Otis… Continue Reading “Otis Redding Memorial Madison Wisconsin”

The Gospel Truth

Watch the video and see what I think.

My Mind Is Hurting Me What Can I Do

Depression in Children and Teens What is depression? Childhood depression is a serious problem. Depression is more than just feeling down or sad. Even when major disappointments and setbacks make people feel sad and angry, the negative feelings usually lessen with time. But when… Continue Reading “My Mind Is Hurting Me What Can I Do”

It Has Been Great

(This was posted here to post to Facebook) I must confess, I was thinking yesterday (Thursday) was Christmas and the day before was Christmas Eve. This thinking had gone on for several days leading up to today, Christmas. Well, this says more about my… Continue Reading “It Has Been Great”


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