Not Equal Not Better

Black White and Mixed 12-17-15

           Think About This Before You Go

Are there equals beyond math? I am not at all sure there is one thing equal to another. Have you ever known equals; ask yourself that and let us know your answer. At the least, tell yourself what you think. How about your family and work life? Is anyone equal in those environments. How about the church, school at work and any number of other places, are there equals to be found among these folks. Even when there are groups with the same rank, they are not equal among themselves or their influence on others. Think about it before you leave. Better yet, why don’t you stick around, there is much to consider.

Here is another situation where the results may not be what is expected from a seemingly equally shared effort. When you go ‘fifty-fifty” with another in a task you would expect the same compensation for your effort, which would be the normal thing to want. It is best; though, to realize that it will not be equal. Even if shared that way. From the very start, for each one, the motivation will not be the same. So then, the effort put forth will not be the same. There is no true way to measure, how can you know. This is how it is when there is more than one person or thing to consider.

Are all things that are viewed as equal, equal? To be equal; what is it—you may ask. Is it more than a feeling? In some relationships, if not most, it is what it is thought to be, or not to be. And that is the question. What are the benchmarks? How will you know when it has been reached? Those are the questions that must be answered and how do you do that; with another question for there is no answer that will satisfy for long. And for the would-be leaders, they are not looking to be equal, their goal is to be better.

You think you know it when you see it. For many, it is a state of mind. It is what you see it as being. What it is, is fluid and open to change with a change in the status of those who seek to know. There is no agreed way to measure what is yours and what is mine. With that being so, equal or the “state” of equality many times is no more than what you feel it to be. It is a thought by those who feel they need to be equal—that unknown “entity.” The search for equality can have no end, for life and relationships are not static, they are forever changing. Some keep up while others fall behind.

There is not a thing in life that we can say beyond a doubt, is equal to another. This is when looked at through the lens of equality. It is a goal that is out of reach because it does not exist beyond conception. Life was not designed to march in step to any one beat. Lives are not a carbon copy of each other, no one person or thing is a duplicate of another. Why would it be? Creation has no limit that is known.

We cannot get it and we cannot give it. It is a power we do not have. Even when we mean well, it will not happen. Each thing is different from the other thing. No matter what they may have in common. No two is the same. And no two outcomes will be the same. All things are created one at a time even when they come close to each other. Each is its own. What determines what comes our way is most times by our own design. Not always, but what we do with what comes our way is, no matter the circumstance.

You should avoid being where no one wants or need what you have. And you do not want or need what they have. Neither one has what the other one wants or need. There is no meaning in a relationship such as this.

James in The Morning (5) 3-22-16

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