Month: March 2016

Brown Hill Shake Rattle and Roll

It Ain’t Nothing But The Blues Mr. Brown, the man behind it all is the father of “Little Jack,” who we all knew. Mr. Little Jack’s wife was my uncle Johnny’s sister. The Brown’s owned all the land on and under the Hill before… Continue Reading “Brown Hill Shake Rattle and Roll”

My Sister-In-Law Is Having An Affair

Dear Messenger: Question and Answer #1 To Tell or Not to Tell My sister-in-law told me she is having an affair with our Pastor. What should I do? Need help getting along with partners, relatives, coworkers, and people in general?Do you have questions about living a… Continue Reading “My Sister-In-Law Is Having An Affair”

Creation + Evolution = Creavolution

    Creation gave birth to the existence of reality, as we know it, and is the breath of life for all living things. It is from there that we have evolved. Parents are now the creators and they give us our lives to… Continue Reading “Creation + Evolution = Creavolution”

What Are The Pillars of Love for You

When you are being you, the real you, the person who is at the core of your being you will do no harm to your own Self or anyone that you love or care about. Neither can you feel love for someone who hurt… Continue Reading “What Are The Pillars of Love for You”

Black And White We Are In This Together

  I Love You Do You Love Me There are laws, rules and regulations to keep us from doing the wrong thing. Now that is a thing worth thinking about. So it would seem that we are not that much different from nonhuman animals.… Continue Reading “Black And White We Are In This Together”

God The Creator: Who Do You Believe

In the Beginning Creation is the breath of life from which we evolve. Parents create life. They prepare, or not, the way for us. An offspring does not evolve to the world; the infant is born. Though the life of the child begins at… Continue Reading “God The Creator: Who Do You Believe”

Pretty to You

World of Hurt

To Live Your Life You Must Be Strong

  To Be The Real You If I do not tell myself the truth, I cannot tell it to you. The truth is what we depend on to know what we do is right. You cheat yourself and take away from the time you… Continue Reading “To Live Your Life You Must Be Strong”

On A Clear Day

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