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Creation gave birth to the existence of reality, as we know it, and is the breath of life for all living things. It is from there that we have evolved. Parents are now the creators and they give us our lives to live. An offspring does not evolve to the world. He or she is conceived and born. The parents then prepare—or not—the way for their child. Then it is for the child to grow and mature to be the person he or she is meant to be. We are how we survive.

A line has been drawn and sides have been taken on the matter of Evolution vs. Creation. The beliefs for those who have not walked into the “Light” are strong for both arguments. On one side, we have those who believe in Creation and the other, are those who believe in Evolution. Each is steadfast in their beliefs. Well, I subscribe to both with an emphasis on Creation.

I can say, that is for now, that I am not a person who believes in a religious doctrine. No, I am a spiritual person who believes in God: The Creator. Even with my beliefs, I have had thoughts about where did it all come from. As I am sure, you may have had. But I have no doubt or reservations saying that I strongly believe in Creavolution.


Creation in The BeginningCreavolution is what gives life, and all things, its shape—from when it begins to the time that it exists no more. We are all created by Creavolution. This is through the Creator of all life and all things. It is how life flows. First, there was The Creation. Then all things evolved. Creation and Evolution are the two forces that are one with all life all the time. It is the new, which was created, and all things that evolved from it. We evolve when our needs are met.

The purpose of life is to procreate, grow and go forward to be who we are destined to be. It is only life that keeps life going. When there is no more life to live, there is no more. We are rewarded by having a life to live beyond the creation of life and we have free will to do so.  Whatever we do; though, should be in the support of life and the well-being of those who live and promote it.

We were created to evolve to create. And Creavolution is how it is done. All things must first be, to grow and become. Growth starts when life begins and We are all created from it. This is through the Creator of all life and all things. It is how life flows. First, there was creation. Then all things evolved.

We evolve when our needs are met. And all that we need was here before us, as it is for all creatures. Though we have to be taught how to survive, that is not born with us. Many are not taught well. So; therefore, they have to do their best to make the best of what they do have. They have to survive until they know better. A place must be prepared for those conceived and created lives just as the Creator did for the beginning of life. Nurturing and caring have to be a part of that plan. The needs of life must be there for life to grow. (I will prepare a place for you.)

To have evolved when not a thing came first, will not answer the question of life. Evolve is what we do once we are here. It is not the answer. The answer is in the act of Creavolution. And it speaks for the Creator. You have to believe it to see it. When you see it, you will know. These are the things that I believe. It is about life; it is about Creavolution™. This means we were created to evolve.

Creation and Evolution say it all, they are the combination that is life. You cannot have one without the other.

The Messenger Sun Graffiti 2-21-16


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