To Live Your Life You Must Be Strong


You Must Be Strong 3-12-16To Be The Real You

If I do not tell myself the truth, I cannot tell it to you. The truth is what we depend on to know what we do is right. You cheat yourself and take away from the time you have been given when you do not tell the truth. For the lie will never be far from your mind.

When you have put anything but the truth in circulation, you never know when it will come around again, which is likely to be when you least expect it to. You have to always be on guard and that is energy not put to its best use. And time not well spent. Here is how truth and strength relate: You do have to be strong to tell the truth for you will be tempted

Blog Note 2-1-16to tell a lie more often. A lie has glamor and appeal; it seems to give you what you do not have with less effort than the truth. But all it does is cause a delay.

Each time that you do not tell the truth, you take one more step away from whom you are. Never do a thing to take away from your Self. The Self is your core, the essence of each one of us. There is no other place you can go to be more in touch with your Self than being your Self. It is where we go when all else is not the place you should be. That is when your mind is acting up and has caused your thinking to be disordered.  The Self is a place we would never leave on our own, but the mind can have you feeling as if you have.

Our power and strength come from the core of our being, which of course, is our Self. If the ways of life have kept your mind away, you are the one to get it back. No one but you can do this for you. It is not an easy thing to do; though, it is done by millions all over the world every second of the day. The mind and the Self have to be in agreement for you to be the best that you can be. You know—the real you.

Our mind should be where we are. And when it has left where it naturally belongs, it is hard to find its way back. When this mind departs, it is often mistaken for a type of mental disorder, which it is not. It is disordered thinking that has its roots deep in the childhood of those whose “way has been lost.” Childhood is the only time in our lives when we are vulnerable enough for this to occur. The young has to be taken care of until they can do the same for themselves. Even so, it is a choice to be strong for it is the only way not to be weak. It is a choice that is not natural to have for we are created to be strong.

Yes, it is a choice to be strong and to stay weak is a choice, as well. Weak is all you have when you have not learned to be strong. Strength is what keeps us from coming apart. Without it you will not stand firm, you will not speak out and you will not be heard. It is the way of nature. And if you do not feel you can do these things, you are not being whom you truly are. We were created, or if you prefer, evolved into this world to be an individual—a person. A person one among many, even so, you to be you and I to be me. And all that is needed to grow strong was born with us. We then only needed the nurturing and caring that is essential for a child to become a strong and self-confident adult. Early childhood is a critical stage in the development of “emotional intelligence” in a child.

Weakness does not have the strength to be strong. It is a sign that not all is well. When that which is weak, joins that which is strong, the weak is not made stronger. The strong is made weaker. Be it cream to coffee, ice to tea or anything that keeps me from just being me. What was once strong has now been diluted. Strength or weakness of the mind is how we think our thoughts. It is not how good or bad we are. It is a state of mind. To feel or act offended is to be weak. To feel an offense and not act offended is a show of strength. The greatest strength is that which comes from within. Inner strength gives us what we need, to do what needs to be done.

Weakness most often comes when your life will not let you be strong. You have to do much of it on your own. We, as all living things, are to follow a growth process to be who or what we are created to be. When we do not grow and mature, as we should, we are unable to stand on our own. We must have the nurturing and care that we need to flourish and be strong. Life can be very difficult when you do not get the care that you need. Growth in all areas is stunted. Though, overcome it you can, when you face what made you weak and keeps you that way. It is, of course, your memories from your childhood.  It can be a struggle, for it is what you have been trying to hide from; it is the very thing you do not want to see, but the last look you must take. You have to drop your defense and face what it is you are afraid to see. This goes for you, me, or whoever it may be. It is about how we see ourselves when we look. The reality created not by you but for you will not allow you to be you. Your mind will not leave you alone.

You cannot be strong when you will not stare in the eye what made you weak. It does not matter not one bit what made you weak, you were made to be strong. The hurt and pain will go away and you need not worry about it coming back another day, for it cannot. You will have done what you all along needed to do. Now it is time to live a better life. For you know not learned how to live. For you know how it feels to do the very best that you know to do and end up starting all over again.

You were once too weak to win and not strong enough to lose. Well, you no longer have to worry about stepping up to the line to compete. You may say I don’t see me in any of this. This does not apply to me. Well, if it is not you who you see, perhaps it is someone you know or possibly love.  It is good to know how others who you know may feel.

 Nothing is hard to do you just do not know how to do yet.


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