Month: January 2016

The Gospel Truth

Watch the video and see what I think.

Stop – Slow Down and Think – Then Go

A Good Thought to Think You do not know how good a thought is until you know how good it was. Thoughts are what keeps the mind busy and gives it what it needs to think. Thinking is what you have to do before… Continue Reading “Stop – Slow Down and Think – Then Go”

Open Your Mind and Then You Will See

Do You Quit Before Quitting Time

You Are Better Than That

What You Have To Do

You Already Know

What Is Personality And How You Got It

PERSONALITY IS HOW YOU ACT (It is Not Who You Are) How you think, feel and act starts to take on its shape and form in the womb of the Mother; the brain and the mind never does nothing. What is going on outside… Continue Reading “What Is Personality And How You Got It”

Indecision Will Not Let You Rest

Why Let How You Look Cause You Pain

Your Achilles Heel (Everyone has one.) There is no one who doesn’t have that one thing that causes insecurity about his or her appearance. It has as much to do with what you think others think about you as what you think of yourself.… Continue Reading “Why Let How You Look Cause You Pain”

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