What Is Personality And How You Got It

The Messenger James Head In Sunburst


(It is Not Who You Are)

How you think, feel and act starts to take on its shape and form in the womb of the Mother; the brain and the mind never does nothing. What is going on outside as well as inside of the Mother’s womb has much to do with the dynamics of the personality and how it is formed. You may have heard different, but it only stands to reason that from the time of conception the new life growing inside the body of its Mother will be so affected by how she lives her life.

At the very moment of birth is when the child releases its budding personality on to the world. It is now where it starts to take on shape and it all begins to flourish for a lifetime of growth. And just think, the beginning was in the cushioned walls of the Mother. Indeed, how you think, feel and act take on the major role of what is seen when others see you; however, it is not the Self. These are things that make up our personality. It is the way you show the world who you think you are. In other words, what you think of yourself; though, not always true.

The personality of a person comes down to how you act, and may change as you change the way that you think but it is not “the Self.” The Self will not change. The Self is your core, the essence of you that was created for you. The Self is your own, given to each one of us, but yours is no different from mine or any other person. Though, each one is our own. Living our lives is what makes the difference for the Self is just the foundation from where we build though it is not the foundation from where we build our lives. It is our inner most part and it does not change shape. It cannot be added to nor can a part be taken away.

Life evolves, but the Self does not change, it does not shrink, it does not grow. It can be smothered. Then, of course, you will not be able to express yourself. The way we think is what smothers the Self. It will not let the real you surface. The self is there for all of us to be, it was put there by the Creator. It is not about how we act. That has more to do with our personality.

Personality, unlike the Self, is a group of character traits that help to define who we are. It is this grouping that is the most affected by the seeds of doubt. Doubt is the root cause of disordered thinking. Our thoughts, feelings and how we act change, but we do not. Of course, that is if there is no conflict, which would be with the Self. One of the ways that the things we believe in are shown is through our character. It is how we are viewed by others and is the part of us that tells what we think about ourselves. It will vary at times; though, it will only be the real you when it match your Self.

We are born with a map of who we are. It makes up the person that is you. The person we were meant to be. It is the core of the human being and does not change. As with all things, the physical side of us does change with time. Our genes, of course, determine how we will look and does not change. We have no say in this. It is part of our creation. We do have a say in what we create—as did our parents. We are the product of their decision-making.

There are some who will say that a person has changed, that they do not act the same. They may have changed how they act, though they are not different. Not a thing has changed about who they are. They are still who they have always been. What has changed is how the person thinks, feels and act. The core of their being, which is the soul, has not changed. You cannot sell it and you do not lose it. It is the real you.

You cannot be who you are not and will tire out trying. Yet, there are many who do try. Disordered thinking is what keeps you from being the real you. It keeps your Self from shining through. This creates an image that is not who you are.

I am the one who I was looking for. Not the one you thought you knew.

Here You Are Free to Say What You Think