Day: January 8, 2016

Start Listening To What You Read And Hear

Our brains have the same makeup, but different—as we are—in what it can do for us. Our thoughts are one of them. There is no restriction on the thoughts that we think. There is a limit on the thoughts that we have. It is… Continue Reading “Start Listening To What You Read And Hear”

God Almighty-The Creator of All Things

In the Beginning Creation is the breath of life from which we evolve. Parents create our life. They prepare, or not, the way for us. An offspring does not evolve to the world. They are born. Then it is for us to be who… Continue Reading “God Almighty-The Creator of All Things”



Why You Feel The Way You Do You may ask, as many do, what is it that motivates some people to do some of the things that they do. The best way to know the answer, is to know it when you see it.… Continue Reading “ You There!”

You Are The Gatekeeper of Your Mind

Why Did I Let You Distract Me There are reasons why you let things distract you. This is if you know it or not. When a thing distracts you, it can be good or it could be bad. It all depends on your thoughts.… Continue Reading “You Are The Gatekeeper of Your Mind”


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