Month: May 2017

What You Read Here Should Not Stay Here

What You Read Here Should Not Stay Here To tell a person what to think will not teach them how to think. You are how you think. The primary focus of what I say and do is on those who have felt the hurt… Continue Reading “What You Read Here Should Not Stay Here”

Too Little or Too Much

memories of CHILDHOOD

 Childhood Memories What Do They Mean To You Memories of childhood. What do they say to you. To many, it is painful to recall. Even so, do not cover up your pain with the things that you say and do. It is what you… Continue Reading “memories of CHILDHOOD”

What It Was What It Is

Listen to This if You Want to Learn

  Think Better to Do Better One should face reality though can one live with all that is real. Much of what you see is not what you think it is. From the food we eat to all that we see would we consume… Continue Reading “Listen to This if You Want to Learn”

One Done for Money and The Other for Attention

Do You Know Your SELF

The Self is Our Core To be self-aware is to know who you are. The Self is our core, the essence of each one of us. It is where we go to be ourselves. A place we would never leave on our own. Our… Continue Reading “Do You Know Your SELF”

Be Aware of Where You Are If You Want to Grow

Nature does it and knows what is best and so must you. There may come a time when you will grow stronger when there is some distance between you.   And, it may not always be left up to you. Do not plant the… Continue Reading “Be Aware of Where You Are If You Want to Grow”

King and Queen This or That

What Does Love Mean to You

  It Is How You Think There are way too many out there who are confused by the thought of love and easily fall prey to its allure. When you are weak, the sound you hear may not be so clear. You hear what… Continue Reading “What Does Love Mean to You”

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