Month: May 2017

You Cannot Be Happy If You Do Not Listen

  How Can You Know If You Do Not Listen When your mind tells you what you are looking for is somewhere else, you will not see it where it is. Likewise, you will not know what a thing is if you expect it… Continue Reading “You Cannot Be Happy If You Do Not Listen”

I Am About to Blow My Top!!

  Pressure Build Up In a Confined Space Will Explode and You Know Not When.

Why, Do You Think

Why Do You Say and Do Those Things When you are not sure what you think about what is on your mind, you will be just as unsure about what you should do. You will do something, but will that be the best thing… Continue Reading “Why, Do You Think”

Once Someone Knows Other Than You

  Gossip Gossip Evil Thing Much Unhappiness It Brings

You Must Learn How to Think

Thinking and Thought Reference (Can Be Consumed In Parts) When I say to think a thought, what I mean is, thought and thinking is not always the same. A thought is just a thought until you think about it. You cannot think of a… Continue Reading “You Must Learn How to Think”

Learn to Live With Youβ€”The Real You


And You Are Too

You Do Not Learn What You Know

How Do You Define These Terms

What Are You Doing

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