What You Read Here Should Not Stay Here

What You Read Here Should Not Stay Here

To tell a person what to think will not teach them how to think. You are how you think.

The primary focus of what I say and do is on those who have felt the hurt and pain of rejection for how they think. And yes, it does grow from our childhood. There are many among us who think they know why they feel the way they do but they really do not.

When not all is right about how you feel emotionally and your mental state of mind, and you see no reason why it should not, it is how you think. And much of what we think today has its roots in what happened to us “yesterday.” And yes, indeed many try to hide how they really feel inside but this kind of self-control is just a superficial cover up. It is not easily hidden if you know the signs and what to look for. Why would you care? It is most important to your well-being that you do. For you do not want to be misled by anyone’s way of thinking including your own. It is about how they act that you know.

Those who do all that they can to hide can be showy—they have their toys—and boastful or quite reserved and overly “proper,” in how they act. The ones who are hurting the most though are those who act the good guy, the nice person all the time. Either way, it seems they always have it “going on.” Nonetheless, it is a defense mechanism to shield them from the pain they feel.

A defense mechanism will fail you in your weakest moment.

To understand how this thinking thing works, you must understand what disordered thinking can do to the mind. How it affects your life or others around you. It takes you further away from your true Self. It is how you think. What does this have to do with how you think, you ask. And my answer is, all things we do require us to think, even those times that you are not aware—It is there in the unconscious (subconscious). I know some of what I say challenges the things you have come to believe as certain truths. But I want you to think about it no less.

The way you think changes how you feel and relate to the people, places and things in your life. When you are the true person you are meant to be, your vision will be clearer and you will see what really is, not what you may have thought it to be. It is my hope that by listening to my words you will come to a better understanding of your thoughts and your thinking process. This is not just for you though. In fact, it could be more for those people over there.

Down here. You know, those who are touched by what you do and say. If you, a family member or friend has been touched in any way by childhood trauma or otherwise mishandled by others in your life, this is for you. What you see here will take you where you have never been before and will help you see where you thought you were is not where you were at all. It is about change, change in how you think. In no way am I trying to tell you what to think. When I say you, I am talking about the Self, your Self, her Self, him Self, my Self—all of us.

What I do here will guide you through what it takes to live a better life by the examination and understanding of your thoughts and how to think them. All you need to do is listen. Do not turn away, there is something to be learned. What you hear if you will listen will open for you a way of thinking that will allow you to become the person you were meant to be. I am just passing on what my mind has revealed to me. And the Greater is my source and inspiration.


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