Listen to This if You Want to Learn


Think Better to Do Better

One should face reality though can one live with all that is real. Much of what you see is not what you think it is. From the food we eat to all that we see would we consume it, like it, love it or have anything to do with it before it is “processed” for our consumption. A bit of color here, a flavor enhancement there and modified to be what it is not.

People, places and things what do you really know. When the face (façade) is removed, what is there to see. You are there then, you cannot undue what has been done without leaving a part of you. It is how you think. It is not too late to change how you think about the thoughts that you have. First, though, you must change the things you have to think about.

All that we do is stimulated by what is in our world, our environment. Do not let your mind take you where you do not want to go. In case it does, do not stay there.

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