Month: May 2017

I See You

What Others Show You Does Not Tell Who They Are

What Did You Expect

Do You Really Know What (who) You Are Looking For  

How Much Do You Ask From Life

Do You Know the Way

You Cannot Hop Through Life

Are You Sure You Want to Wait

“Ain’t Nobody Sending You Nothing”

Think You Know It All: Read On

Never Too Early or Too Late Persistence is the key to reaching the most worthwhile goals we set for ourselves and what is so nice about that is there is no age limit. You are never too young or too old. Babies and toddlers,… Continue Reading “Think You Know It All: Read On”

You Know It Is True Do You Not

Just An Excuse You Tell To Yourself

This is For Your Good and Those Who You Love

What I have written here may take a few minutes of your time for some and more for others, but it is important for you to read and listen. This will change your life for the better no matter how good your life is… Continue Reading “This is For Your Good and Those Who You Love”

The Greatest Pretender

Take Away the Exaggerated What Is Your Life All About