Think You Know It All: Read On

Never Too Early or Too Late

Persistence is the key to reaching the most worthwhile goals we set for ourselves and what is so nice about that is there is no age limit. You are never too young or too old. Babies and toddlers, teenagers and young adults to the elderly, set goals for themselves and those goals are reached. You cannot be easily discouraged.

What is so great is that it does not matter how successful or not that you are, this still applies, to you. So, don’t be too quick to dismiss what you hear here. You should listen to what you read, it is never too late to learn or reinforce what you know.

Those things in life that you want and do not get were likely the next step away, that step that you did not take. Some are reluctant to set lofty goals for fear of not reaching them. With this kind of thinking they never will. But one thing you must be is realistic.

No matter the time spent on the task, you are not likely to succeed unless you are keenly aware of your strengths, and weaknesses. This is the reason why many fall short. They were aiming for a place they were not prepared to reach. The solution as in most of the things we do is to prepare for the tasks ahead. You must have the right “tools” to do the job. This might mean taking courses at your local campus or online, doing research or buying and learning to use “actual” tools.

Each step you take you are closer to the next step and each step will show you the way, which will take you home to your goal. Each step is a worker activity you must do to reach your objective. It is just another piece of the whole.  And if you want what you do not have, you first must have what you need to get what you want. It Is How You Think.

Special Note: If you are of the older generation, please pass this on to any young people who you know. For I worked with the young at one time and I can say for sure, without reservation, that the Black youth—some/most—were then and is now misguided and unrealistic about how the world works, especially the work world. I worked with both Black and White and there is a stark difference. It is this way with many of the adults as well. For I was a recruiter and placement specialist for several years and Director of an Equal Opportunities program. And yes, this is a message.


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