Day: June 10, 2015

Measure Twice Cut Once Think Twice and Act Once

Excuse Me What Did You Say

You Distracted Me and Disrupted What I Was Thinking Remind Me Later There are reasons why we let things distract us. This is if we know it or not. When a thing distracts us, it can be good or it could be bad. It… Continue Reading “Excuse Me What Did You Say”

The Shortcut

Do Not Complain When You Do Not Say A Thing

Classless Society The American Dream

All wealth is generated from the bottom of the human pyramid. You may find this hard to believe, even so, it is true. Money circulates by the purchase of goods and services. So the most has to be purchased by those who purchase the… Continue Reading “Classless Society The American Dream”

Experience Is What You Have Done


How Much Does It Take For You

Where Do You Belong

Right and Wrong It Is Just Black and White

There Is a Reason Why We Know That It Is Wrong Before We Know It Is Right. It Hurt. β€” James R. Yarbrough We were not put on this earth to hurt ourselves or anyone else. A thought such as this does not come… Continue Reading “Right and Wrong It Is Just Black and White”

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