Right and Wrong It Is Just Black and White

No Shades of Gray
No Shades of Gray

There Is a Reason Why We Know That It Is Wrong Before We Know It Is Right. It Hurt. — James R. Yarbrough

We were not put on this earth to hurt ourselves or anyone else. A thought such as this does not come from a good place. It is not the way to think. When we think right, we feel right. We will then do right and no wrong can come from right. I had to learn that the wrong of someone else does not make my wrong right. Two wrongs are still wrong. There are two forces in our lives of which we have control. They are the forces of right and wrong. This you know only if you are taught. If not, how you act will tell you so. It is a painful lesson to learn on your own. Changing what is right will not make what is right better. You can do better as long as it is still right. We change what is wrong to make it right. First, we have to know the truth and then we have to learn to live with it.

Doing the wrong thing but thinking it is right is wrong. Doing the wrong thing and knowing it is not right is wrong. The result is the same for both. How we think is what tells it all. It is still wrong. When we change the way we think the results will change. Wrong things can happen when you do right. They will not come from doing right. It will come from the wrong done by someone else. Our thoughts are our energy and are what drives us to think. Thoughts drive our beliefs. They drive how we feel and speed us toward our goals. Thought is what makes life work for us. Without it what would we think. The end of thought means there is no more. Life, as we know it is over. The brain no longer works. It is dead.

The right thing done the wrong way will not succeed, just as the wrong thing cannot be done right. You can be right, though look as if you are wrong by those who are not right. It does not mean that you are wrong, and they are right, they are still wrong. We should let no one turn us away from what we know. There is no “little white lie” no shades or degrees of right and wrong. They are what they are. We do not have to prove we are right, just be right. To make a change to what is right will not make a thing that is right better. It will not be improved on. If it is right, it is not wrong.

You are the one to decide what is right or wrong for you. As we all must do, you have to live with what you decide. When we have done the right things, it does not mean all the right things are done. Trying to do the right thing is good. To do it is better. We must put forth the effort until all things that can be done right, are. When you do it right you will feel right. It is then that you will know how much better it is than what it was. You cannot be caught doing the right thing. How can you do a thing wrong when you know how to do it right? The answer is in you. But here is a clue. When you truly know right from wrong you will no longer do wrong, until then do what you can.

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