Day: June 11, 2015

You Have Believe It To See It To See It Is To Understand It

The Sense of Taste

Taste of the Body Sweet (The Sense of Taste) Β  Taste is one of the five traditional senses. It is the sensation produced when a substance in the mouth reacts chemically with receptors of taste buds. The sensation of taste has been categorized into… Continue Reading “The Sense of Taste”


The Great Pretender Why do we do it, we pretend we love God, but we treat his creation with disrespect and harm. We build relationships and then tear them down with our hurting words and the way we act. I say I love you… Continue Reading “YES YOU ARE THE GREAT PRETENDER”

Are You Listening Now

Listen to This (With Your Mind)

You Have to Listen to Learn

Start Reading and Listening to What You Hear

Our brains have the same makeup, but differentβ€”as we areβ€”in what it can do for us. Our thoughts are one of them. There is no restriction on the thoughts that we think. There is a limit on the thoughts that we have. It is… Continue Reading “Start Reading and Listening to What You Hear”

To Know What You Hear You Must Listen

You Can Hear But Not Listen Just as you can look but not see, you can hear and not listen. You first hear, and then you listen. When you listen, you feel the sound of your thoughts and know precisely what is said. Nothing… Continue Reading “To Know What You Hear You Must Listen”

Learn To Listen To What You Have To Say

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