Day: June 5, 2015

Who Are You What Label Do You Wear

This presentation is about labels and what they mean to us. And yes, we all have them. This is clear for most of us. Even so, you will hear it this time in a way you have not heard it before.

What is Hell to You


1968 the Year Leadership Died

The Fire This Time “The Negroes of this country may never be able to rise to power, but they are very well placed indeed to precipitate chaos and ring down the curtain on the American dream.” This is a quote taken from the James Baldwin’s… Continue Reading “1968 the Year Leadership Died”

The Color Line

Book Manuscript Excerpt: Part I Chapter Eleven (Abbreviated) I Work Both Sides of The Tracks When left to itself, the mind has no power of its own; it is powered by the world in which it exists. There were times—though very few—when growing up… Continue Reading “The Color Line”

Camden, Arkansas My Home Town

Part I Chapter Five Not All Was What it Seemed to Be Camden is where it happened for me. It is just down the road a piece—about 55 miles—from Hope. Hope is the home town of William Jefferson Clinton, known by most as Bill.… Continue Reading “Camden, Arkansas My Home Town”

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