Why Do You Lie When You Know It Is Not True

It is Still A Lie
No Good Time to LIe
I Am
For You Too

To Tell the Truth

The more room you have to lie, the less room there is to tell the truth.

It is said that all of us will tell a lie at some given time. It may seem that way to those who lie. It is not an absolute truth and should not be taken as a given. You will think to your highest thoughts or stoop to your lowest. These are the things you must decide. If you feel you have to lie, then that is what you will do. When you don’t want to say what is true, do not say a thing; though, you will be telling a lie to yourself. That is the only lie that we all might tell.

A truth does not come from a lie, and a lie does not come from a truth. A lie is baggage that is with us until we tell the truth. It is with us no matter where we go or whom we are with at the time. You must get rid of it, and until you do, you will not be the true you. You know, the person who you were created to be, the real you. A lie lives on until the truth is told. There is no win over the truth. Though the truth may be challenged, it has no equal. When you become friends with a lie, you will always have your enemy nearby.

You cannot say a lie is not a lie if you do not know the truth. The truth is the only thing that you can tell that you know will not change. There is not a thing that last that can be built without it. Once it is told, the truth will not change what a lie has done. Though, living the truth will make lies fade. With time, they will lose their strength.

The truth will not undo a lie. It is the same with our past. We must acknowledge our past, if it is bad, and then leave it there. Living in the past will not change the present. The past will always be the past it will not be changed. And the present will always be now. So will the future when we get there. The greatest truth that we can tell is to ourselves. If we live the truth, there will be no need to lie to anyone. It is a great challenge to hold on to success when our thoughts are based on lies. What we think and how we act will be the same.  

The core of the truth is elastic in the sense that it can be stretched; though, only so far. If it is stretched beyond its limit, it will be a lie. The truth is always known. That is, even if it’s just you who knows it. Why not tell it. It should be told for all that it is worth, and one thing for sure, a price cannot be put on the truth for its value is beyond measure. We must be willing to hear the truth and have the courage to tell it. And if you want to help your Self, never run from it. For no matter how long or far you run it is a race that cannot be won. Nor should one want to. Not all has to be told, but whatever you tell let it be the truth. It relieves the load and puts the mind at ease. A lie has no comfort zone. It is always running and trying to hide.

It is Not Enough to Say I Am Sorry

You should know what you do to others and yourself when you do not tell the truth. It is not a mistake, it is wrong. Why can a lie not be a mistake? A lie is an intended act that will cause harm. A mistake can cause harm as well. But it is not done on purpose. There is something wrong with how we live our life when we think we have to lie. It is offered up for different reasons; though, it does not change the fact that it is still a lie.

I have always tried to tell the truth. Life is better for me when I do. There have been times when I told the truth and no one would believe me. It took a while for me to understand why. You cannot tell the truth to one who lives a lie. They will not know it when they see it, because their mind will not let them believe. If I lie to you, I cannot believe your truth. When we live a lie, we are separated from what is real. The trouble with a lie is that it will not let you see the truth. That is, until you do. What is it when you tell a lie but think it is the truth?  It means, you should know the company that you keep starting with yourself. And say not a word until you know. A lie is dangerous and a hazard to your health. You are not safe when it is present.

What is it when you say yes but you feel no. Is it a lie to say you care, all the time knowing that you do not? Does it hurt more, or less to know the truth. A lie is meant to mislead. It can, and often does, create a world of make-believe. This is a place where no one is living the truth, the teller or the told. The thing is, one of them should know the truth; though once a lie is told, how can you know. You can start to believe it, which is another lie. From the clothes we wear to the products that we buy, much of it is a lie. And a lie will always do damage. It is hard to know where you are going or where you have been. Should you stay or should you go.

Who are you when you shed your garments and your “face?” It is you. I will not be true in what I do, if you are not true in what you do to me. If I think I love you, and you have not told the truth, then my love is a lie. And that is if I know it or not. A lie will not support the truth. It is a lie when we will not allow ourselves to see this. It is the greatest lie of all when the way we act is a lie. It is not a mistake.

A mistake is not made by the conscious part of the mind. Its roots are in the base of our thoughts. It is not made on purpose. There is no motive. When and where we make our mistakes is all about how we feel. When we feel good about ourselves, mistakes are few. We take care with what we say and do, there will be no need to say I am sorry. I made a mistake.

Both lies and mistakes are acts of thought and are harmful to those who are touched by them. A mistake is no less harmful than a lie. Just as with a lie, it can be the cause of damage. It must be made right or it will. Once touched by either, you will be harmed in some way. They cause many of the bad things that happen in our lives. Even so, they can be followed by what is right.

You do not try to make a mistake. If you did, it would not be a mistake. It would a thing you did beyond just a thought. When you think your thoughts it is not a mistake when a thing goes wrong. It is how you think that is the problem. A mistake is caused by a thought that you are not aware that you have. It is not a conscious thought. This sets off an action. What you have then is the mistake. It is not one; though, until it is known. At least one person must know that it exists. If not, it can be made again. You do not make a mistake that you know of more than once. If you do, it is not a mistake. It is done on purpose whether you say so or not. You do have thoughts that you are not conscious of and they distract you from what you are doing. They cause you not to pay attention. If it is not important to you, it is not a thing you should do. The mind will not engage, as it should. This will not let you do it right. You have to focus, but not a thing will help if you are not ready.

What you do now is what you should focus on. You can think about many things, but you focus on one at a time. To try to do more could cause a mistake. To think that it is a special skill to do more than one thing at time is misleading, at best. It takes no special skill to multitask. You do not need any special know how to do more than one task at a time. The effort is shared, which takes away from the whole of each. Just as you can see more than one thing, you can only focus on one at a time. That is, unless they are the same kind. If not, you will be drawn to the difference. You can do more than one thing at a time but will not think more than one thought at a time. Try it. Sit two or more things together and focus. Your mind will shift from one to the other.



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