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January 17, 2015

Watch The Light of You Life It Will Tell You What to Do

by James R. Yarbrough
Stay in Your Lane

Stay in Your Lane

My life has been a road well traveled. There have been freeways, side streets and dead ends. I have been cautioned, sped up and slowed down. I have changed lanes, merged with traffic and yielded to the right of way. I have been first at four-way stops and the last to leave. I have driven through heavy rain, sunny days, and dark nights. It is after the darkest of them all, that I came to an intersection. I could pray on or move on. I now move with the traffic. I speed up when I can slow down when I should and pass when I must. Though, I am not in a hurry, life for me is not a race. We get to the end of the road soon enough. I made a decision to stay on the road of life. To take the off ramp is a thing I did not want to do.

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