Watch The Light of You Life It Will Tell You What to Do

Stay in Your Lane
Stay in Your Lane

My life has been a road well traveled. There have been freeways, side streets and dead ends. I have been cautioned, sped up and slowed down. I have changed lanes, merged with traffic and yielded to the right of way. I have been first at four-way stops and the last to leave. I have driven through heavy rain, sunny days, and dark nights. It is after the darkest of them all, that I came to an intersection. I could pray on or move on. I now move with the traffic. I speed up when I can slow down when I should and pass when I must. Though, I am not in a hurry, life for me is not a race. We get to the end of the road soon enough. I made a decision to stay on the road of life. To take the off ramp is a thing I did not want to do.

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