Month: February 2015


The Long And The Short

More Is Not Always Better

You Have to Know When

Just Be You

If You Don’t Want It Leave Me Alone

So You Want To Be All That

Genital Discrimination and Body Bias

Β What Size Are You Please admit to it now so that we can keep it moving. What bothers some of usβ€”if not mostβ€”is what we think others might think of us. When you think like this, you are not going to be comfortable in… Continue Reading “Genital Discrimination and Body Bias”

Classless Society The American Dream

All wealth is generated from the bottom of the human pyramid. You may find this hard to believe, even so, it is true. Money circulates by the purchase of goods and services. So the most has to be purchased by those who purchase the… Continue Reading “Classless Society The American Dream”

How Do You Really Feel

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