Month: March 2015

Running Out of Time

                                     Do We Really Know What Time It Is …for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one…  — Albert Einstein Time is like the wind you cannot see, we only see… Continue Reading “Running Out of Time”

Desire Is Not A Dirty Word

 The Strongest Human Emotion is Desire Even the feelings of love and hate are not as strong as desire. You can “feel” love for one and desire another just as you can feel hate for one that you desire. The heart race, and the… Continue Reading “Desire Is Not A Dirty Word”

The Shortcut

Lake Monona Where Otis Redding’s Plane Crashed Is In Madison Wisconsin

There have been several books and hundreds, if not thousands, of article written about the  plane crash that took the lives of Otis Redding, members of the Barkays and of course the pilot. And there has been a consistent misunderstanding of exactly where the… Continue Reading “Lake Monona Where Otis Redding’s Plane Crashed Is In Madison Wisconsin”

Self Control Does More Harm Than Good

Self Awareness Is To Understand Who You Are You will not hide your true feelings for long. Some try to do so by self-control. This is not the answer. It takes an effort that pits your mind against your own Self to do so.… Continue Reading “Self Control Does More Harm Than Good”

It Is Just So Easy Why Not


Here and There (The Present and The Past)

YarYar’s Quote of The Week

What You Really Need

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