Desire Is Not A Dirty Word


 The Strongest Human Emotion is Desire

Even the feelings of love and hate are not as strong as desire. You can “feel” love for one and desire another just as you can feel hate for one that you desire. The heart race, and the pulse quickens when it swells from deep down inside. We did not make it the way that it is. It made us. The great taboo is no taboo at all. The Creator created us—that when stimulated—to have strong feelings and to be desirous of each other. It is a matter of survival. We have no control over what is in us that we did not place in us. It runs deep; it is at the core of our being. The hands of nature hold the switch. You can turn your back on desire. Though, each time it will turn you back around. It is not a sin, for it was born in us. It would not be as strong if it were wrong.

Of course, as with all things in life, there is a time and place if it is to be a time and place. You do not have to act on desire, but to pretend will not change the truth. There is no human power or words that can change this. So let no one tell you that you should not feel what you do, for they desire as well. It matters not their role or title that they hold. Do not, though, confuse temptation with desire: They are not the same.

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