Month: March 2015

You Think The Thoughts You Have to Think

Who Are You What Label Do You Wear

This presentation is about labels and what they mean to us. And yes, we all have them. This is clear for most of us. Even so, you will hear it this time in a way you have not heard it before.

The Self is The Real You

To be self-aware, is to know who you are. The Self is our core, the essence of each one of us. It is where we go to be ourselves. A place we would never leave on our own. Our power and strength comes from… Continue Reading “The Self is The Real You”

Will You Yield to Temptation

What Will You Do

Time for Change—There Is a Better Way

Now is The Time You first have to know, and then you have to realize you know. When you know, that you know better, you will do better. Good is what you do until then. It is a goal with no end and you… Continue Reading “Time for Change—There Is a Better Way”

What Does Your Time Mean To You

Not So Long Ago

Do You Have The Time

There are two kinds of time in my way of thinking. It is the time that was given to each of us—our own time—and universal time/space, which is the greatest of all; it was created. It does not change. What I am saying maybe… Continue Reading “Do You Have The Time”

The Birth of Hate ♦ In the Heart of Woman the Seed Did Grow

In the Heart of Woman the Seed Did Grow Prologue: Be warned, you read The Birth of Hate at the risk of having shifting emotions, rising passions and unrestrained thoughts. It does not promote neither does it condemn an ideology, religion or cultural belief.… Continue Reading “The Birth of Hate ♦ In the Heart of Woman the Seed Did Grow”

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