Day: January 10, 2015


Black Mental Health: You Better Ask Somebody

Blacks‘ Mental Health  (Though this is a reprint of an article first published in 2010 on Black American Web it is just as relevant today; if not more so.) Note: The term African-American is used in this article it is the term the writer… Continue Reading “Black Mental Health: You Better Ask Somebody”

Lake Monona Where Otis Redding’s Plane Crashed Is In Madison Wisconsin

There have been several books and hundreds, if not thousands, of article written about the  plane crash that took the lives of Otis Redding, members of the Barkays and of course the pilot. And there has been a consistent misunderstanding of exactly where the… Continue Reading “Lake Monona Where Otis Redding’s Plane Crashed Is In Madison Wisconsin”

Otis Redding Memorial (Includes Recovery Footage)

Otis Redding Memorial  The Day That Soul Cried December 10, 1967 The day that soul cried, a chilly mist hung over Madison, Wisconsin. Fans of Rhythm and Blues anticipated a thrilling visitor that Sunday night. Singer Otis Redding was scheduled for two shows at… Continue Reading “Otis Redding Memorial (Includes Recovery Footage)”

Online Dating: My Survey and Analysis

The picture speaks for itself; there is not a great deal that I can add. The record and my survey tell it all. When it comes to online dating, Blacks are not the chosen ones. The top pick, so to speak. I am going… Continue Reading “Online Dating: My Survey and Analysis”

Will It Be Now Or Then

Hell No I Am Not Going to Forget

Just Something From Me to You

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