If You Want To Live A Long Time You Must Watch This

You my say that this video is long, and yes, it is if you do not have the time to improve your health to live a long and healthful life. You and I both know those who did not have enough time and now they have no more time, they are no longer with us. Gone before their time. They were too busy killing themselves with too much and too little. Too much of that and not enough of this. So, what will it be?

Addendum: This video was compiled over a period of years and revised over a year ago. Since then, I learned what had been missing in my effort to maintain a healthy weight. Here it is. If you want to lose weight, the key thing you must/should do is count the carbohydrates you consume. Of course, you should exercise as many times a week as you possibly can. But again, the key is carbohydrates. You don’t need to be concerned about calories when you count the carbs. Eat your meat and non-carb foods, make yourself happy. Though, you do need carbohydrates, and should eat some, no more than 45-65 grams, with your meals.

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