Why Do You Go Your Way and I Go Mine

I Have Been Lonely Too Long

You should avoid, when possible, an environment where no one wants or need what you have and you do not need or want what they have. In a situation such as this, there can be no exchange—no purpose or meaning. There is no base for a relationship to form even when at first it may seem that it should.

White People at YarYar's PartyPeople come together for diverse reasons and out of this coming together it is the norm that no relationship other than what may be the focal point of the gathering. Nothing meaningful above and beyond the intended purpose. Of course, if the interactions are such that they do not foster the seeds of a relationship none will be formed. You move on to the next meeting, party, social occasion or whatever brought you together. A relationship with another person of any value can only develop and endure for the right reason. It has been said by some that opposites attract, this may be true in some circumstances; however, these attractions tend not to endure. It is not easy to bond when the likes and interest are too diverse.

For bonding to occur there must be more things in common than are not. Though these things may not be all the same, it is what binds the relationship. You should not expect all things to be in common. Even with this being true, the differences cannot be great. Shared interests are the thread of which relationships are woven.

It is more likely that a relationship will develop and flourish if you meet someone on common ground. It could be anyplace, but not likely in open space. And there are reasons for this, the least of which is the lack of a traceable connection that would make one feel secure. Where you work, or even where you may have lived are just two examples. Could even be your dress or the car you drive; there has to be something to latch on to that says to the mind that it is safe to engage.

White Girl Flirting in Business MeetingI must say that loneliness and desire can and often does blind the eyes and fog the mind when it comes to opening up to the approach of a possible remedy to this most common dilemma.








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