Month: May 2016

Is Your Best Good Enough

What is perfect to me may not be the same for you. Perfection in the things you do is a worthwhile goal to have. Let no one tell you that you are wrong when you do. Perfection is not a bad word. It is… Continue Reading “Is Your Best Good Enough”

No Easy Way Out

What Are You Waiting For

You Will Know When You Do

Russell Wilson at The University of Wisconsin-Madison

I had always heard what a great guy Russell Wilson is, well here is the proof. You must watch and listen, closely, to his commencement speech at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Just for those who may not remember, I live just a few block… Continue Reading “Russell Wilson at The University of Wisconsin-Madison”

When It Does Not Work

Not Until You Do

And You Thought You Knew

Beauty and The Beast

Disordered Thinking Will Not Tell You The Truth

It is How You Think Do not listen to a disordered mind and let it tell you what to do. It matters not if it is your mind and your way of thinking or that of someone else. If what is said or done… Continue Reading “Disordered Thinking Will Not Tell You The Truth”

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