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Negative Thoughts (what is James thinking) 2-15-16

This is How You Think

Blog Note 2-1-16Thinking is a process. You think each thought that you have until you have another thought to think. There is a beginning and there is an end, and even though you may think about the same thing again; you will not think about it as you did before. The mind stays in motion even when you sleep. There is no escape. We are always thinking. It is what dreams are made of.

You have a thought based on your perception, and perception—simply put— is how we view our world, be it near are far away. If you are aware of it, it is in your “environment.” We can only have thoughts or think about those things we are aware of. If you don’t know about it you cannot think about it.

You think your thoughts, and how you feel is based on what you think and how you act is based on how you feel. That is the way that it flows, from one to the other in that order, which is the only way that it can. It is such as the eyes cannot see if there is nothing to look at. It is left to the mind to picture what is there and that is not the role it has been given in the order of the thinking process.

If you feel a certain way and you rather not, you have to change how you think by having different thoughts to think. You either have something else to think about or you must change your perception of what is in your world to think. You have to change your mind. For if you do not you will continue to live your life as you have always done; misconceiving, making premature moves and devising unworkable solutions to perceived problems.

Thinking is disordered when it does not allow you to see things as they are. And this malady of the mind will follow you wherever you go until you see life for what it is. You will have the same thoughts about the same thing in a different environment for your mind will not allow you to see. Even so, your eyes are not fooled by what you think.

You are not because you feel you are. You are because you think you are.



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