Which Do You Choose

Enlightenment The Messenger (shopped) 1-3-16

Solution or Fix

A fix is not what you want when you need a solution. A fix leaves more to be done. Whereas, a solution is all that you need. There is nothing left to resolve. If what you do does not resolve a problem, “for good,” it is not a solution. It is merely a fix. It will not hold up over time and should not be left in place too long. And even that time will be full of suspense for it could fail as they are prone to do.

One thing that is for sure, a fix will not last as long as a solution. If it did, it would not be a fix. It would solve the problem. When a thing is not resolved, it is a distraction. It takes from the whole and will hinder you as you try to move forward. When there is a problem you may think of many things; though, until you think of the solution there is more thinking to do.

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