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Now is The Time
Now is The Time

The Journey Starts Here

Why We Feel the Way We Do

You may ask, what could motivate some of us to do what we do. The thing we can do to know the answer, is to know it when we see it. We are the gatekeepers of our mind. What I say now and what I will be saying is not academic. I simply look at life in a way you may never have. And I will give you answers to questions that you did not know you ever had. It is how I see the world and life as it was given. From the beginning to the end, it is all about life, and how we think.

What I have to say is not fiction it is about life and our existence, as I believe it to be. It is not about what you have been told. It is about the way that it is. What is here will help you to know that to see, you must look. You may, see you in what I have to say. When you do not, maybe it will be someone you know and love that comes to mind. Or perhaps one of those troubled souls who you see act out their hurt in all the wrong places and wrong ways when there seems to be no reason. Now you will know what that might be. It is a matter of knowing the real you. The person you see when all else is peeled away. Through growth and enlightenment, you can change the course of your life, if that is what you need or want to do.

This blog is about how we think, feel, act, and why. It is a guide in how to live a better life through your thoughts. It will help you to understand how we all, think. And will show that if how you think is disordered your life will be the same. How you think is the root cause of your negative feelings. The focus is on the Self: your Self, her Self, him Self and my Self―all of us.  I did not always know what I know now. I will share what I know with those who will listen. What I have written is the truth, as I know it to be.

First, you have to listen. The more you listen, the more you will understand what it is that you hear. You are sure to think, and feel what you hear if you listen. There will be truths that will cause you to change how you perceive the world around you. This is good. It will challenge the way you think. If it is not a cause to think, what cause is it? I had to think about me. And you will have to think about you.

For those times when we need to connect with what it means when we say, “that’s life,” this will be a reference. It is a way to look at the true nature of what is and how it came to be. The truth tells all when it is told. It is what we have to depend on. It is about how we view the world that each of us lives in. Your world is not just what is around you. It is also what is in your mind, and the things that go on in your head. It is for all of us who have had thoughts about why we think the how we do. Change may be a stranger. As you step closer, you may see a friend.


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