The Sense of Taste

The Flavor of Love
The Flavor of Love

Taste of the Body Sweet

(The Sense of Taste)


Taste is one of the five traditional senses. It is the sensation produced when a substance in the mouth reacts chemically with receptors of taste buds. The sensation of taste has been categorized into five basic tastes. Well, I am here to add another one.

The taste of the body sweet is like no other and you will see. Not sweet as in the food that you eat or she is such a sweet little child is that not neat. No, I am talking about grown up in the heat of passion sweet. It is the first sweet flavor known to man. Sweetmeat, the kind that will make you tell your mother to stay out of your business. Such a delicacy is this meat, you will when you partake, say to yourself, this is the best meat I ever ate. It will make you get up early in the morning and stay up late at night. When you taste it, you know that all is right. The body sweet is an experience not everyone has the finesse to enjoy. It is not the side dish; it is part of the main course. Our tongue and the roof of our mouth are covered with thousands of tiny taste buds. It is no wonder that we can taste as well as we do. And taste is the way we know it’s good.

    Some TongueIt Is How You Think
Some Tongue
It Is How You Think

We have between 2000 and 5000 taste buds and each one of them knows what it likes. Taste and smell work hand in hand, the smell draws you there and the taste makes sure you stay. There is not a thing better to satisfy a man size hunger than a healthy serving of savory meat. Don’t bring a knife, you do not need a fork, for this meat is so tender you can enjoy it the way that it is. After all, it is the body sweet. You may ask what is it about it that makes it so swell, if you do not know it is best that I not tell. When you see a couple and it shows that they are in bliss, it is no secret to them what is up with this. Yes, that’s right; they know the taste of the body sweet. It is good for her and it is good to him why would you need more when you have it within. It was created for us not by us.

When we eat something, the saliva in our mouth helps break down our food. This causes the receptor cells in our tastes buds to send messages through sensory nerves to our brain. Our brain then tells us what flavors we are tasting. But how would you know if the brain is confused by the things you add and put on to make it taste and look better. You cannot know how good it is until you know what you’ve got. Organic is the best for us to eat. No chemical, additives or things that are not natural, which is the way we are meant to be. Taste is the weakest of the five senses. This is what they say. For this reason, and some more, the smell and sight must be right for the truest taste to make its way to you. “When people talk about their taste, they’re really talking about the smell rather than the taste,” said Dr. Scott P. Stringer, chairperson of the otolaryngology department at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. This is true there is no doubt, but the smell that is good to you, have to pass the test of taste for the flavor to come through.

Now, some swear off meat and say they would never have it on their plate. Well that is a right and for them it is best. Because to get the best out of what we do, we have to appreciate it for what it is. We are mind, body and soul. We smell, touch and taste the body sweet, and we do not have to be told. Our mind and our soul is another thing, they belong to each one of us. So if you want to know what is on my mind, you have to talk with me. If you would rather not, just watch what I say and do, it is how I think. And as for the soul, the soul is our core. It is who we are.

So, go on and do your thing. What is for you may not be for me, and the things I say and do may not be for you. We are male and female the way we were made to be, I for you and you for me. If that is the way, you want it to be. There is not a thing about us we should not explore, for we are all we have until we are gone. After you and I are here no more, all we know is that it will be the end. You should not and I will not as well, let there be a day when we say, my only regret is that I did not do it my way. Those who rather not partake of the bountiful feast will be quick to give you a reason why you should not. We have but one life and it was given to us for us to live, for this no one else can do. This you must believe.

The Taste of You
The Taste of You

Remember, now, and this is important, a woman has more taste buds than a man does. So taste up the body sweet. After it is all said and done, it is how you think.

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