The Self Created to Evolve

You Never Leave You Get Better


The Self is our core, the essence of each one of us. It is where we go to be ourselves. A place we would never leave on our own. Our power and strength comes from there. If the ways of life have forced you away, it is your choice to go back. First, though, you must have the will to do so. It is not an easy thing to do. That is, unless you are sure it is what you want to do. Who we are never change, how we think and act can. It is often heard that a person is not being him or herself. This is not true. We are always who we are we may act as if we are not. Childhood trauma is the cause when our mind takes on a mind of its own. The mind is the master of thought and we are the master of the mind. Never let your mind tell you things you do not need to hear. The time to listen is when you hear what you have told yourself. That is when you know it is right.

I am my Self, which cannot change. Your Self, my Self, her Self, him Self, they all have one thing in common, the Self. When you are not acting your Self, your mind has to move pass the clutter of hurt and pain and come back to where it belongs. And that place is where it started from, your Self. From Self to Self is when you enter an enlighten way of thinking. If that is your destiny. It is not what is done to you. It is what you do for you that determine what your life will be. You have to change your way of thinking to get in touch with you. The best that you can ever be is to be you. You must always be true to Self. Never do a thing to take away from who you are.

How we think, feel and act comes after we are born. It is not born with us. It is not the Self. These are the things that make up our personality. Personality, unlike the Self, is a group of character traits. It is the way we show the world what we think of ourselves, who we think we are. It is how we are viewed by others, though not always true. It is only real when it matches your Self. It is how we act, and may change as we change the way that we think.

The Self is our own; each one of us has one. Life evolves, but the Self does not change, it does not shrink, it does not grow. It can be smothered. Then, of course, you will not be able to express your Self. The way we think is what smothers the Self. It will not let the real you surface. The self is there for all of us to be. It is not about how you act. That has more to do with your personality. It is who you are. Our thoughts, feelings and how we act change—this is when doubt can seep in—but we do not.

Our character traits are the most affected by the seeds of doubt. Doubt is the root cause of disordered thinking and this is what happens when you let your mind tell you what to do. One of the ways that the things we believe in are shown is through our character. It will vary at times and will only be who you are when it is in harmony with your Self.

When your mind is able to take you back to your Self—Self to Self—you will be more aware of you, maybe for the first time. An epiphany of sorts. It will feel as if a weight is being lifted from your soul. You will see what you have not been able to see, you. It is being aware of who you truly are. To know your Self, well, is to know you. You will know it because you will feel it. You will fit into you, which will push what is not real out.

You get to know your Self by being yourself. How great it is to meet your Self for the first time.

In the Beginning There is Creavolution

Creation is the breath of life from which we evolve. And our parents are the creators of us. They prepare, or not, the way for you and me. We do not evolve to the world. We are born. Then it is for us to be who we are meant to be. When it is all said and done, we are how we survive. It has been some time since I have had thoughts about where did it all come from. There are no longer days where I wonder just how life came to be. I am sure you have heard different from what I have to say, but what I have to say is the way that it is. We were created to evolve and that is just what we do.

A line has been drawn and sides have been taken. It is the main event of all things challenged. Were we created or did we evolve. The beliefs are just as strong for both sides. On one side, we have those who believe in creation and the other, are those who believe in evolution. Each is steadfast in their beliefs. Well, I have a different view. I believe in both as being the source of our existence.

The purpose of life is to go forward and create more life. It is what keeps all living things going. What else we do is up to us and is just a by-product of our lives. We were created to evolve to create. And Creavolution is how it is done. All things must first be to grow and become. Growth starts when life begins. Creavolution is the two cornerstones of life, which are creation and evolution. These two are the forces that are one with all life all the time. It is the new, which was created, and all things that evolved from it. From when it begins to when it ends. This is through the Creator of all life and all things. It is how life flows. First, there was creation. Then all things evolved.

We evolve when our needs are met. All that we need was here before us. But, we do have to be taught. Where there is a need there is a way, if there is no way, there is no need. It is called nature it is called life. For life to exist there must be the means of survival. We would not be here if not.  That is, if we are to survive, and that is what the Creator wants us to do. The question then is what do we want to do. Many of us are not taught well. So, we have to do our best to make the best of what we know and be open to that, which we do not know. The gift of life is meant to be lived. Differences in all things are what make it work, that is why it is there. And not a thing in life is the same as another. I say we were created to evolve because not a thing can grow and remain the same.

To have evolved when not a thing came first, will not answer the question of life. Evolve is what we do once we are here. It is not the answer. The answer is in the act of creation. And it speaks for the Creator. You have to believe it to see it. When you see it, you will know. These are the things that I believe. To create to evolve, you cannot have one and not the other.


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