My Response to Stacy Dash Critic (Posted on The Root 2013)


 All Because She Is A Republican

Stacy Dash is multiracial, so what. She has her own mind and way of thinking, as she should, as she has a God given right to have. What are the features and attributes that would be enough to classify a group of people as a race. Yes I said group. And at what point or dividing line would this change their classification. We as Black folks do not have our own name; we did not all come from the same location in Africa and we do not know our ancestral roots. Many of us are the offspring of miscegenation and are of different shades and hues. We grew up in different worlds.

There are just as many who do not share a common worldview, so I ask; how can we be expected to think or act as a group consistently over time. That is just asking too much, it is not going to happen and it should not. One of the worst things that we can do for ourselves is to be taken for granted, to be predictable. We are seen coming before we get there. Let others do this. We have done it long enough. And here we go, over the cliff again. All I wanted to hear at the very least were words of support such as we heard for others (groups). We did not get that, because we are taken for granted.

Black folks had better wake up. We seem to be sleepwalking and oblivious to what is actually going on around us. First, though, we need to realize what is going on with us. The seeds of division were planted long ago and it is now bringing forth a bountiful harvest. We can little afford what we are doing to us. This writer does not know Stacy Dash; though, she writes as if she does. Ms. Dash has her own way of doing things to be who she is, as we all should have the right to do. The writer cannot speak for her nor can she speak for you and me.

We are still, after all these years, talking about and spending what little time we have left trying to figure out what we are doing wrong and what is being done to us. Now tell me when will we live the time we have. Here is my suggestion, just be the best that you can be, and if each of us does that, we all will be the best that we can. There is no other way. It is what it is. Leave Stacy Dash alone.

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