Month: September 2021


DISORDERED MIND IT IS HOW YOU THINK Do not listen to a disordered mind and let it tell you what to do. It matters not if it is your mind and your way of thinking or that of someone else. If what is said… Continue Reading “DISORDERED THINKING A FRUSTRATING MESS”

Why When What— Will Or Will Not

The Reason Why Why and when are more significant than what, and why is the reason. To know your own why is to know the only why you can ever know for certain. You know what others tell you, but how can you know… Continue Reading “Why When What— Will Or Will Not”

Learn to listen listen to learn thinking for life

Our brains have the same makeup but different—as we are—in what they can do for us. Our thoughts are one of them. There is no restriction on the thoughts that we think. There is a limit to the thoughts that we have. It is… Continue Reading “Learn to listen listen to learn thinking for life”

time: how much do you need

There is more to see than what you have seen. More to think than what you have thought. And more to do than what you have done. Use your time wisely.

How Much Time Do You Have Left to Give

Time is like the wind you cannot see; you only see what it does. Do we really know what time it is. What is it that makes time so important? Why do we speak about it like no other. There are times what we… Continue Reading “How Much Time Do You Have Left to Give”

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