Month: October 2021

Smell: The Sense For Mating And Sex

It is unfortunate that women and girlsβ€”mothers or notβ€”are now covering up and trying to rid themselves of the smell that is a part of who they are. The woman has been made to feel ashamed of her body and scent. It is so sad, for we need the human smell to remind us that we are. And we wonder why it seems that man and woman are not as attracted to each other as they once were. It is not the same. There is no denying it. There really should be no wonder or reason to ask why. But there is. Why does it seem that there is some hidden hand that is trying to pull us apart? Whose agenda, is it? When we interfere with nature, nature will talk back. Someone is selling what you do not need.


YOU ARE THE GATEKEEPER You are the GATEKEEPER of your mind: The one and only person responsible for what you have to think about. You choose the company you keep, the places you go, where you work, where you play and where you stay.… Continue Reading “GATEKEEPER OF OUR MINDS”